Why You Need to be Using Canva for Your Blog

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using canva for bloggers

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, you might want to sit down, because it will blow your mind.

Okay, that’s maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s definitely going to make your life a lot easier for so many reasons. So what is Canva? It’s essentially a web-based graphics package, similar to what Picmonkey offer but better. There’s a free package that anyone can use, or a paid package if you feel like you need a bit more functionality. Overall, the free package works pretty damn well on it’s own, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need to pay to upgrade if you’re just using it to create graphics for your blog.

Why is Canva so great? Here are just a few of my favourite things about using Canva for your blog…

The Templates

If you, like me, sometimes struggle to come up with nice looking designs for social media graphics, media kits, Pinterest images or even your CV, then you will love Canva’s templates. They have thousands of templates for every occasion, all split into relevant categories and platforms. You can easily use these as the building blocks of your designs, but you still have the flexibility to twiddle with things and put your own spin on each template.

The best thing about the templates? You will never be stuck googling “best size for Facebook images” or “best size for YouTube thumbnail” again. Everything is perfectly optimised for the platform it’s made for, without the frantic googling. It’s such a big timesaver when I’m making countless graphics for my client’s social media, and it’s a lifesaver when I’m putting together Pinterest graphics for my blog too!

Better branding

Using Canva makes it super easy to create a consistent brand for your blog and social media - or even your business, too! If you do upgrade to the paid plan you can even set up brand guidelines so that everything you design can automatically be changed to suit your branding, but it’s easy enough to do without the upgrade too. Canva makes it simple to keep colours in check, use complementary fonts and give all of your branding a slick overall “feel”.

You can even use Canva to create a blog header or logo, with the choice to either start from scratch or use one of their templates for ideas! The logos are definitely one of my favourite parts of Canva, as I have to mock up a lot of business brands for university work and they look a whole lot swisher than anything I could put together myself otherwise.

Handy resources

Alongside their countless templates, Canva also offers a whole host of resources you can use to make your designs even better. Their design library is home to thousands of stock photos, illustrations, charts, icons and other assorted graphics that you can add into your designs. A huge number of these are free, even more are included in the paid plan, and some allow you to pay a small one off fee for use. 

Remember to double check the licenses if you’re planning on using designs for commercial purposes, though!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer

Canva is SO easy to use. Obviously, it’s not the same as going to a qualified graphic designer, who can offer a bespoke service to a professional standard, but as far as DIY designs go it’s not too shabby at all. The templates make it super easy to come up with eye-catching designs that look more professional, and their drag and drop design tools mean that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to know how to quickly pull things together with ease. It’s a great go-between for people like bloggers, who don’t necessarily have the need or the budget to hire a graphic designer. 

Design on the go

Canva is a web-based graphics tool, but you can also use their mobile app to create on the go. It’s not as in-depth as using the website version, but it’s handy for quick designs or creating things like Instagram story graphics. You can also edit the templates or designs you’ve already made before, so if you have a set template you’re using for designs it makes it a lot easier.