Why It’s OK To Be A Lonely Blogger

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feeling lonely as a blogger

I want you to take out your phone and go to Instagram. Have a flick through the stories of the people you follow and I guarantee it won't take you long to find a blogger/influencer who’s off out for coffee or a photoshoot with another blogger/influencer.

The blogging community has become saturated by every girl and her best friend joining the bandwagon. And because of this more people are becoming friends and meeting up to help each other out with content.

But what do you do when you’re the only blogger you know?

What do you do when your friends don’t understand what a blog is, or why you’re taking photos of your latte?

In the current blogger/influencer climate anyone who’s anyone seems to know everyone. There’s always that same group of people at that new product launch. Or surprise surprise it’s the same blogger friends featuring in everyone’s #followfriday - if that’s even still a thing.

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to be a lonely blogger and here’s why.

We’re Not All The Same

When you’re a blogger with a very specific niche then it’s naturally going to be a lot hard to find other bloggers that live nearby who are doing similar things to you.

If you’re a fashion blogger and the only blogger who you can meet up with to take photos is a book reviewer then it might take you both awhile to understand what each other needs to get out of the photoshoot. Even if you’re a fashion blogger, you wont always have the same style as another fashion blogger. And that’s ok.

If you look anywhere online on advice to be a successful blogger it will tell you to be unique and do something different. So not being able to find someone else who’s doing something similar to you is actually a good thing.

You Got This!

There is this stigma that to be classed as successful you need to have thousands of followers, millions of page views and hundreds of likes. So it’s only natural to think that you’ll be successful in the blogger industry if you’re best friends with all the ‘big bloggers’. But you don’t need to have lots of friends to be good at something or to validate what you’re doing - nor do you have to give in to everyone who is asking things of you.

You don't have to follow everyone back who follows you. You don’t have to engage with everyone in a deep conversation and you don’t have to becoming friends with that group of local bloggers just because you’re all in the same boat. If you started off your blog on your own in your bedroom, then there is no reason why you can’t keep doing that.

I remember moving to a new city and feeling the pressure to join the local bloggers group and meet up with people. And the truth is it didn’t help me, I didn’t enjoy it and nobody else blogged about the same things I did. It can all start to feel very fake and forced. So don’t feel like you have to force a friendship because everyone else is apart of a friendship/blogger group.

Pressure to live up to them

As much as it’s not spoken about in the blogosphere and how everyone is usually super supportive of each other, there will always be a form of jealousy lurking. Sadly it’s a human instinct to compare yourself to other people - and this is true when it comes to blogging. We look at other people and wonder why they have so many followers or page views and we have nothing compared to them.

When these people are your friends it can be even harder. We want to support them but we also feel upset that we’re not as ‘successful’ as them.

Not Everyone Is Genuine

Sadly in this world not everyone is a genuine friend. We’ve all seen it. Bloggers commenting just for a follow back or a mention to gain more followers. Instagrammers following and then unfollowing you when you don’t return the favour is becoming ever more present. It’s becoming harder than ever to figure out who is genuine on social media and who is just trying to use other’s to get to the top. So it’s better to not get involved than surround yourself with that negativity.

Blogging isn’t about a group of people. It’s never been about that. Blogging has been about one person sharing their thoughts on an topic or issue. Your blog is fundamentally about you and nobody else so don’t feel like you need to be a part of a certain clique to be a better blogger. You’re doing just fine as you are.