What are Pillar Posts?

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what are pillar posts

Pillar posts, or cornerstone content, are a hugely important part of building your brand as a blogger. It’s something we look at a lot in our “Defining Your Niche” workshop, and it seems to be one of the biggest revelations for a lot of the people who come along.

These posts help define your brand as a blogger. They’re usually your most viewed posts, and a good rule of thumb is that they’re the sort of content that would do well on Pinterest. Think tutorials, guides, explanations, super in-depth reviews - whatever it is, it has a lot of value to give.

Pillar posts often end up being the source of a lot of your traffic, so it’s really crucial that these posts give off the best impression of your blog and encourage people to stick around a little longer. They’re evergreen by nature, meaning they can drive traffic all year round and have a long shelf life. A great pillar post will still be bringing you page views and increasing your traffic for years to come!

Why use pillar posts?

Simply put, traffic. Pillar posts help bring relevant traffic to your site - emphasis on the relevant. By clearly signposting your “niche”, or the topics that you cover regularly, you’ll start to attract a higher quality audience who are more likely to be interested in your content. A more interested audience tends to be a more engaged audience, which is great for building your blog.

Pillar posts are a brilliant way to show off your brand values and establish your online presence. You can use your pillar posts to highlight the topics you’re really passionate about and share your experiences or expertise. Having lots of relevant pillar posts for your key categories or topic areas will help establish your brand as a blogger, and secure your position as the “go to” blog for certain types of content.

The evergreen nature of pillar posts means they stay relevant long term, they’re typically not seasonal content. A huge bonus to this is that they make great filler content for your social media promotion! If you’re having a quiet spell with new content, you can easily schedule some promotional posts for your main pillar posts to keep consistent traffic whilst you take a break.

What does a pillar post look like?

Like I mentioned before, pillar posts tend to be super valuable and are rarely seasonal content. Seasonal content can be great, but it’s not relevant all year round and can only drive traffic at certain times throughout the year. So, your great Christmas recipes aren’t really a pillar post, although they can definitely be a “short term” pillar post around the Christmas season each year!

Some examples of brilliant pillar posts might include a guide to spending a weekend in your city, a tutorial for making a DIY face mask or maybe a guide on how to do something technical on a blog or website. You could give a really in depth review of a skincare product, or put together a comparison post between high street and high end versions of a similar product. Maybe you’ve got a whole host of great recipes that can be made year round - they make excellent pillar posts!

How can you use pillar posts to grow your blog?

It’s worthwhile having a think about what your pillar posts could be and how you promote them. These are the types of blog posts that perform well all year round, so you should be open to promoting them all year round too. Cornerstone content typically works really well on Pinterest, too, so be sure to add some Pinterest graphics to your posts and share them on your own boards wherever you can.