The Weekend Update #6

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Christmas Gift Guide (Part II) | Betty Magazine 

Gift guides are plentiful on the internet at the moment with bloggers churning them out left, right and centre. I tend to stay away from most of them as I prefer to just browse stores in real life but one gift guide I was so excited for was Charlotte’s. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS from a whole host of designers that made me feel so inspired scrolling down the page. Part I is also pretty snazzy with lots of amazing gift inspiration as well. 

How To Feel Body Confident This Festive Seasons with Simply Be | Frock Me I’m Famous 

Party season is fun but it can be a headache if you don’t feel that body confident. Dressing up in a fancy dress which might be strapping/tight/short and making you feel self-conscious is no fun. I always struggle with how I look but with a couple of smarter events lined up in the festive period, I definitely don’t want to be worrying about how I look and instead focus on having fun. Hayley shares two beautiful outfits from Simply Be (great party inspiration) as well as some tips for enjoying yourself and looking good.

10 Tips To Make Meal Planning A Little Easier | The Anna Edit

I am pretty obsessed with meal planning and try my best every week to get one in place to save money on the food shop, eat healthier and prevent food waste. It is still something I am refining but Anna, the ever wonderful organised Anna, has shared ten great tips for getting started and having success with meal planning. 


Five Tips For The Uninspired Blogger | Creatively Cat 

I certainly feel a bit uninspired when it comes to blog at the moment. It is a combination of university being incredibly busy, starting a new internship and Christmas continuously creeping up on me when I have 284747 things to do first. My blog is just one more thing to be stressed about and as a result, my inspiration has been zapped. Cat has shared some really helpful tips I definitely going to be implementing this weekend to get me moving again.

How To Fall In Love With Instagram & Craft Your Own Community | From Roses 

Instagram is always a hot topic in the blogging world and I definitely need to figure out what I’m doing with it. Rebecca has shared some really helpful tips on falling in love with Instagram and crafting your own community which is exactly what I need. Rebecca’s eloquent voice always crafts well written posts with useful advice perfect for bloggers and creatives.