How to use Trello to transform your blogging routine

Have you discovered the wonders of Trello yet? Here are our top tips for making it work for you.

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So, what is Trello?

Put simply, Trello is a productivity tool designed to help you manage projects and organise your life. You can use it solo or add your team members to have joint boards (I use it a lot with my social media clients to create joint calendars). The free plan is amazing and gives you all of the features you need to get your blogging routine in order.

Trello works with a system of boards, lists and cards following the "kanban" system of scheduling. At the top level, you have your boards, which operate in a similar way to Pinterest boards. Within these boards, you can add lists, and in each list, you can add cards.

So, on my Trello, I have a few different boards for various clients and projects, my own blog and the Blog and Beyond site. Looking at my Blog and Beyond board as an example, I have lists for post ideas, upcoming posts, events, resources and site admin I need to do. I can switch between list view and calendar view, meaning I can see what needs to be done and when at a glance.

Within each card, you can add a title, description, attachments, checklists, colour codes and more. If you're working with other people, you can assign tasks to certain members and tag them in the discussion below a card, too. You can also add a due date to each item, which then determines where the card shows in the calendar view, and sends appropriate reminders when things are due.

Here are just six of the ways you can use Trello to organise your blog...

1. Editorial Calendar 📆

The calendar view on Trello is an absolute godsend for organising an editorial calendar for your blog. I set up a calendar with different colour labels based on the post category, and add a list of the stages I need to complete before a post is good to go.

This list includes things like taking photos, writing the post, SEO optimisation, scheduling social media and sending it to the PR if necessary.

I can have a separate list with post ideas and easily move them into drafts or published posts, making it easy as pie to stay on top of my content.

2. Stats Tracker 📊

I keep notes for everything, and my blog stats are no different. Again, in my editorial calendar, I have a list for making additional notes on my blog stats so I can get an overview of how things are going across the board!

3. Reminders 🔔

Assigning yourself a task and a due date on Trello results in the system sending you reminders to get shit done. I add all of my deadlines (work, blogging and university wise) to a calendar and set Trello up to remind me when things are due. They'll send me an email, and the app on my phone will notify me too!

4. Lists and Ideas ✏️

Who doesn't love a list? I have countless lists on my Trello boards covering everything from post ideas, newsletter topics, resources I want to bring out and ideas for events. I keep an ongoing list of little admin jobs to pick up when I have some free time, and set out any tasks that need be done in my Trello boards too.

5. Goals ✍️

GOALS ARE GREAT. Have you set your 2019 goals yet? I'd recommend checking out our free Goalgetter course if you haven't already. I like to lay out my goals in a dedicated Trello board, where I map out what I want to achieve in the next week, month, quarter, six months and year ahead. Having them laid out helps me to keep them in mind and acts as a good ol' dose of motivation!

6. Templates and Storage 🧠

Looking for somewhere to keep all of your links handy for easy copy and paste? Got an email template reply you use again and again? Stick it in a Trello board. I have a Trello board where I keep EVERYTHING I use regularly, so things like social links, popular blog posts, links to email signups, Facebook groups, sites I recommend a lot, affiliate links and programmes - the lot. It's all right there in one handy place so I don't need to go digging around to find things, which makes my life so much easier!

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