The Weekend Update #9

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January has been dragging on now - and we still have a few more days to go! It has been cold, drizzly, snowy in some places and dry if you’ve been partaking in Dry January. This week in the edit we have a lot of chat about thrifting, something I’m looking forward to doing more in the next months - it is the perfect step for any fashionista towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

There is also some travel goodness with York and Edinburgh in the highlights, perfect for planning any weekend UK breaks in 2019.

Catch up with the best bits from the blogosphere this week.

Changing things up and catching you up from Rbekhaj

I really enjoyed Bekah’s series of Small Happy Moments on her blog so I’m excited she’s rebranding them a little in 2019. I love posts where people simply share what they’ve been enjoying in the last little while as it only takes a moment and I usually come away with some new ideas or things to try. I’ve already begun listening to Tom Misch …

Am I selfish for wanting a career instead of kids? from Just Emmi

There is a lot of talk about this hot issue in the online world at the moment. I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s perspectives on it, why they’ve made their decision and why it should even be a hotly debated decision. I’m unsure of where I stand on the fence myself but Emmi’s post is an honest, real and well-written weigh-in. 

My top 4 thrifted items found in 2018 from Melissa Jane Marshall

With 2019 hinging towards people living more sustainably, thrifting is something I want to make a part of my regular routine this year and posts like this one from Melissa are great for inspiration. Charity shops sometimes get a bad rep and a time-consuming activity but this is a perfect reminder of the wonderful things you can find for a fraction of their original price. 

Where to shop for vintage pieces online from The Anna Edit

In line with my thrifting approach to a more sustainable fashion habit in 2019, Anna’s post about shopping vintage online is a godsend. In can be tricky to find the time to wander around vintage stores and charity shops in amongst a busy life so switch up browsing ASOS for browsing one of these Anna has listed here.

5 tips for shopping second-hand from Nest & Dressed

Adele also has great advice when it comes to thrifting. If you’ve never dipped your toe in thrifting before, it can appear a bit overwhelming and time-consuming to begin with. It doesn’t have to be - and reading Adele’s post will ensure you’ll find bargains without stress.

A local’s guide of where to eat, drink and sleep in York from Queen Beady

I really love York. Or at least I think I do, my last visit occurred around a decade ago if I’m being honest. I am so desperate to re-visit this beautiful Northern city in 2019 and enjoy the city as a 21 year-old. Everything about York seems beautiful: architecture, history, people, food, the list goes on. Bee, a York local, has compiled the ultimate of list of where eat, drink and sleep in this city.

How to spend a Sunday in Edinburgh from Elevator Musik

Another city I could write a love song to is Edinburgh. Gillian has shared some tips on how to spend the perfect Sunday in the city - from brunching and shopping to dinner and drinks. Perfect for reading if you have a weekend city break in Edinburgh coming up.

Kirsty Hebdon