The Weekend Update #8

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This week has been a chilly one in Glasgow and I have, of course, strolled outside with insufficient clothing on because I will never learn. One good thing about colder weather is that I want to remain inside as much as possible which means lots of scrolling down Bloglovin on my iPad for me. 

I am so excited by all the blog content being produced at the moment – it is so inspiring to read and I’m already adding so many tips, tricks and recommendations to my list that I’ve picked up. 2019, thank you for being the return of blogging, we are all so ready for you.

Catch up with the best bits from the blogosphere this week. 

How To Style Charity Shop Items | Thrift Made Fun from Paige Joanna 

I, like more millennials, am attempting to cut down my fast fashion intake and shop more consciously. Charity shops are always on my radar as they are so many great ones in my area but I never take the time to go and have a scroll. I’m also often confronted by a gorgeous item and being unsure about how it would fit into my wardrobe. Paige is here to help with her helpful guide on styling thrifted items and making them fun and feel at home. 

The Break Up & What Comes Next | The Starting Again Series from Bang On Style 

Online dating, or any kind of dating in 2019, is scary and intimidating. Debs shares an honest and heartfelt post about her break-up and how she is picking herself up and starting again in 2019. Reading this post made me feel like Debs was sitting right next to me and telling me all about it which just speaks for the personality oozing out of her words. An honest, insightful post filled with comfort and advice for anyone experiencing the same thing. 

FYBS #1: How To Look After Yourself from Last Year’s Girl 

Not strictly a blog post but something extremely exciting landed in the online world this week – a brand new podcast from the insanely cool, kind and smart Lis from Last Year’s Girl. From Your Big Sister’s debut episode gets the ball rolling with a lovely chat about looking after yourself this year and you just know, from the first few bars, this podcast is going to kill it. I can’t wait for episode two.

So I’m Giving This Bullet Journal Thing A Go – Here’s How I’ve Organised Things from The Little Plum 

Bullet journaling is a past-time I’ve toed with in the past and now that Chloe is back on board, I’m considering it too. Bullet journals don’t work for everyone but if they work for you or you want to give it a whirl, Chloe has written a guide to organising it in her wonderfully eloquent tone as usual. 

A Beginner’s Guide To Zero Waste from A Considered Life

A Considered Life is your textbook for all things sustainable living. Another fabulous guide from Sophie this week is packed with tips for moving towards a zero waste lifestyle which are both simple and easy to follow.

The Best High Street Handbags from Megan Ellaby

I am on the hunt for a new, stylish handbag to take me through 2019 like I’m meaning business. Megan Ellaby, with her killer style and amazing Mancunian accent, is sharing the best high street handbags we can get our hands on at the moment. A range of styles, brands and price tags, you’re sure to find something to spend that first 2019 pay day on.

5 Things To Do When Things Are A Bit Quiet With Your Blog from Foxx Tailz

January can be a little slow on the blogging front and if you are looking to get out there this year, a little bit de-motivating. Jess from Foxx Tailz has shared five things you can do to boost your blog when things are a bit quiet and you’ll soon be ready for February.