The Weekend Update #7

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Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I’ve been wondering that with every email I send at work this whole week but I’m still in shock it is 2019. 2019 has been heralded as the ‘year of the blog’ or the ‘return of blogging’ and I could not be more pleased about. Despite the rise of Instagram in the 18 months or so, blogging has and always will be my first love and I love scrolling down Bloglovin to read new posts from my favourite content creators. 

I love reading posts that make me think or posts that have stunning photography or posts filled with helpful tips and useful information – blogging never fails to surprise with the incredible content that is being continuously produced. Dive on in for seven amazing blog posts from blogosphere in the last week

How To Read More (Or How I Managed To Read 55 Books In One Year) | Sophie Cliff 

To read more is definitely on my intentions list for 2019. I loved reading as a kid and have fallen out of the habit in the three years thanks to all the reading I do for university. Sophie’s post is packed with practical tips for squeezing as many books (and joy) into your busy life as possible. 

3 Ways I’m Tackling The New Year Lull | Pint Sized Beauty 

I always get lost with the lack of routine over Christmas and find re-joining the world in January difficult thanks to the blues. I thrive off having a routine of sorts so Lily’s post detailing three ways to tackle the new year lull and boost your routine is just the nudge I need. 

A Guide To Sustainable Living | A Considered Life 

Leading a more considerate existence in 2019 is on my list – cutting back on meat intake and switching up to plant-based alternatives, reducing my single-use plastic waste, moving more, sustainable fashion but often I feel overwhelmed with where to start and what to trust. Sophie has a huge guide to sustainable living on her blog which features all you need to know about living sustainably in 2019. 

How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Instagram Following | Apartment Number 4

The blogging world has kind of just woken up the Pinterest and how we can use it to drive traffic and grow our blogs. Well it gets better, we can use it for Instagram as well! Victoria, a Pinterest guru, has written a helpful guide of how to use Pinterest to grow your Instagram following. 

My 2019 Resolutions & Why I Decided To Make Them | Bang On Style 

Resolutions are a bit of contentious subject but I personally enjoy them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve things in a calendar year, you can always drop things on the way or pick up something new. Debs has written about her list of resolutions (I always find it inspiring to hear what other people are striving for) but importantly, she has also written about why she has made them. 

Sometimes I Think Everybody Hates Me: A Mid-Twenties Mood | The Little Plum 

Chloe has been one of my favourite writers for the longest time and one of her first posts of 2019 is as wonderful as always. She nails a shared mood I think a lot of us feel and her writing is as always, eloquent, thoughtful and calming. 

Screw resolutions, this is what my ideal 2019 would look like | Rhianna Olivia 

If you’re not the resolution-making type, you will love this post from Rhianna. I found it so interesting and I found myself thinking about what my ideal 2019 would look like. It is such a positive and exciting way to look into a new year and good thing to do if you are unsure about the next year.