The Weekend Update #5

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The online world is a treasure trove of content for us all to dip and out of as we please, we’ve put together a list of five posts you most definitely need to acquaint yourself with this week. Some posts to make you think and a couple to give you a helping hand in the blogging world. Happy reading! 


The Money Diary: A Week In Orlando, Florida | Ellis Tuesday 

I’m a huge fan of the Refinery 29 money diaries and Kristabel’s of I Want You To Know spin on the series so I was looking forward to reading another fresh take, Ellis charting her week of spending in Orlando, Florida. It is so interesting to take a peek into someone else’s spending and basically, just be nosy. 

Alternative True Crime Podcasts You Need To Listen To (That Are Totally Addictive | Hayley Hall 

True crime podcasts are very popular at the moment and you can never have too many recommendations in my book. Hayley has put together a list of alternative options and I myself have only listened to a couple of these. The one I’m really intrigued by is Happy Face, the account of a woman who discovered her father was in prison for being a serial killer when she was fifteen. 

How I Got Comfortable With Spending Time Alone | Sophie Cliff 

Winter can definitely be a lonely period and whilst there is a difference between loneliness and spending time alone, the latter is something it can be really good to be comfortable with. I definitely spend a lot more time alone in winter than I do in summer and the darker nights definitely make that a little harder. Sophie has complied a few tips to make it a little easier and something to get comfortable with. 


How My Blog, And My Approach To Blogging Has Changed | Natalie Leanne 

It is always interest to reflect on how far your blog has come, what is different about it and what was evolved. Reading Natalie’s post this week got me thinking a lot about my own blog and I love posts like this, that make think and want to make positive changes about my blog. 

How To Create An Instagram Theme | Becc4 

Instagram themes are subjective but they can be really fun to upkeep and create images for. Becca has shared some tips on how to create one but also remembers the importance of just having fun with your Instagram.