The Weekend Update #2

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blog posts to read this week

Where To Start With Consuming Online Content This Week?

The online world is a treasure trove of content for us all to dip in and out of as we please, but we’ve put together a list of five posts you most definitely need to acquaint yourself with this week, with some posts to make you think and a couple to help you in the industry with tips and who to follow. Happy reading!


Depop-Pop-Pop-Ular | Being Erica

Erica has us all inspired to check out Depop for new fashion finds as she shares her new purchases bought through the app. Such a good way of finding new pieces for your wardrobe or finally getting your hands on something that has long since disappeared from stores. Budget friendly AND good for the planet and Erica has us re-downloading the app right now.

A Generation Racked With Guilt: Plastic Straws, Veganism & Fast Fashion | Pretty Normal Me

Chances are, you’ll have seen this blog post floating around social media this week as it has generated quite the buzz. Em’s thoughtful post about all the things younger generations are concerned with and whether or not they are doing enough to reduce their carbon print. It is a topic hot on everyone’s lips at the moment and this take by Em is eloquent, honest and from the heart. 

Life Ruts And Finding Your ‘Thing’ | The Little Plum

Chloe’s writing always makes us think and this discussion of ‘life ruts’ is no different. It can be hard not knowing what you are doing and the feeling of being lost is one we are all familiar with. Chloe’s writing always keeps us hooked and interested and coming away with something to ponder over.   


5 Things To Give Up As An Entrepreneur | Apartment Number 4

Although Victoria has directed this post at entrepreneurs, they are still really useful tips for bloggers and building your blog. From comparing yourself to others and emails to money and social media, the discussion Victoria is happening is relevant for bloggers to and well worth a read if you are in need of a boost and positive energy. 


Halloween Activities To Take Up | Pint Sized Beauty

This time of year is almost over but there are still a few more days to take advantage of the Halloween madness. Lily has compiled a little of Halloween activities to enjoy from pumpkin patches and having a Halloween evening with friends with pizza and vampire cocktails.