The Weekend Update #12

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February is flying by and I’ve seen a few wild flowers popping up around my street which can only mean one thing. Spring must be around the corner! I hope I can soon be wearing my sandals and doing the winter to summer wardrobe switch. I might be getting ahead of myself however as last year we were floored with snow at the beginning of March! 

I love how the change of seasons impacts the blogosphere. I think a change always brings around a fresh start for a lot of people and a whole new host of content ideas! Now might be a good time to start thinking about the kind of content you want to produce in spring. Is there anything exciting you’re doing in the next few weeks? Anything about seasonal you want to chat about? Now is the time to be planning and writing and brainstorming! 

Catch up with the best bits from the blogosphere this week. 

How to find your blogging/Instagram direction from Dizzybrunette

In order to get your spring content off to the right start, have a little read of Corrie’s post about finding your direction when it comes to blogging and Instagram. The latter is definitely something I’m struggling with at the moment but Corrie has compiled great advice into this blog post. 

Why I’m embracing staycations in 2019 from Sophie Cliff 

I love a staycation and Sophie has put into words exactly how I feel about them. Some of my best and brightest holidays have been on our very island and I hope I have a few more adventures to come in 2019. Sophie’s travel content is one of my favourites and I can’t wait to read about what she gets up to this year. 

Culture Consumption; January 2019 from Last Year’s Girl

Looking for what to read? Watch? Listen to? See? Lis is your girl and her culture consumption series is one of my favourites. I trust Lis explicitly and there is always something on her consumption list that takes my fancy. 

My favourite veggie cookbooks: revisited by The Anna Edit 

Finding new recipes can be difficult but Anna has compiled some her favourite veggie cookbooks! I’m trying to eat a lot more pescatarian/veggie this year and will definitely be adding these to my list. 

Simple ways to live more ethically from Rbekhaj 

2019 is the year I’m trying to live more ethically and Bekah has put together a great list of simple ways to do this. From bamboo toothbrushes and thrifting to reusable coffee cups and cruelty free beauty, Bekah has you covered on how to make a change. 

TV shows to watch this weekend from Hannah Gale 

Blogging QUEEN Hannah Gale is back with what to watch this weekend. I’m in a bit of a lull at the moment with Netflix binging myself but Hannah’s recommendations are right up my street. Having a quiet weekend in this weekend? She’s got you covered.

How to feel confident when dressing yourself (starting with your underwear) from Frock Me I’m Famous

Valentine’s Day has just passed us which meant an onslaught of feeling sexy which can be a difficult for some people. I personally struggle to feel good in my clothes 90% of the time but Hayley is here to help. Her posts always resonate so strongly with me as she is such a talented writer accompanied by stunning photography so read this post and be on your way to feeling a little better.

Kirsty Hebdon