The Weekend Update #11

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January last approx. 10838745 years and now we are well and truly into February. Blog & Beyond is currently running a roadshow which is super exciting so you should check to see if its coming to your city and snap up one of the last few remaining tickets! I unfortunately cannot make my local event in Glasgow which I’m gutted about as it will be a really inspiring day with lots of lovely bloggers.

The blogosphere as well is all go at the moment as well. The ASA guidelines blew up a storm a little while ago as people grappled with when to tag AD, whether you can say gift and what is the right expression is still a question most people seem to be unsure about. There are plenty of helpful guidelines out there however if you can’t make head or tail of the main document itself.

And speaking of causing a storm? Who managed to read that now-deleted (sadly, although there are some Google Docs floating about Twitter) scandalous Medium article about Instagrammers who have been using bots. It was a riot, some people I was surprised to see and others, I was decidedly not. It was Part 1 however so maybe Part 2 will be around soon too.

Catch up with the best bits from the blogosphere this week.

On: Being Single from Becc4 

Ah, being single in February. Just around the corner from Valentine’s Day. I always struggle with being on my lonesome at the time of year more than usual but this post from Becca puts into words how I feel most of the time. It is absolutely okay to be single and it absolutely okay to be fine with being single. I really loved the honesty in this. 

Everything I wish I knew before I want to university from From Roses

Rebecca has put into words how I often feel about university. University is an incredibly personal journey but there is plenty of overlap between all the things we experience and learn. If you are thinking about studying full-time or are feeling a little bit lost in the midst of your degree, let Rebecca’s words guide you and remind you it is okay to not know everything. 

The newsletters you need to subscribe to from Natalie Leanne 

I adore newsletters and I will be signing up to every single one of these suggestions from Natalie. There is something special about receiving an email in your inbox from your favourite mailing list, perfect to devour over a cup of tea on a Sunday morning or on the train in the midst of your morning commute on a Monday. I often find myself flicking back to previous editions if I want to find something or re-read a tip so I can’t wait to subscribe to these! 

First date etiquette for newly singles from Katie Snooks 

Dating can be really intimidating and a lot of fuss which might make you want to throw the towel in forever and not give a shot. Katie’s tips here are simple and tried-and-tested so make sure you give it a read if you are going on a first date some day soon (or whenever). 

Learning how to save (when you’re terrible at saving) from Rhianna Olivia 

I am quite awful with money, like most millennials. I’m always losing track of things, overspending, having one too many treat days in a row (almost every day is a treat day at the moment I swear). Rhianna has put into words her financial journey so far and how she is planning on learning how to save in 2019. I am super excited for the rest of the series and taking a few notes myself. 

Staying productive in cold weather from Zoe London 

I am definitely struggling with my productivity levels at the moment. The depths of winter, the cold, the dark, the wet and my ever-increasing list of things to do. If you too are struggling on and want to thrive, give Zoe’s tips a read to get your productivity back. 

The Decluttering Diaries: January from More Organised 

This is such a fun project from Mel all about one of my favourite things: decluttering and tidying! I love how the focus is on reuse and recycle rather than simply binning. I’m not sure I’ll manage to get rid of as much as Mel but I’ll definitely be following this series along.