The Weekend Update #10

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So January is finally over after 247845784 years. Phew. Despite January lasting for a zillion years I found it to be a very inspirational time in the blogging world as there was so much great content to kick off 2019. I have been diving in and out wherever I can and have come away super excited for February.

This week I’m sharing posts about the controversial You, smoothie bowls and the spending cycle. Enjoy!

Catch up with the best bits from the blogosphere this week. 

A friendly reminder that you shouldn’t fancy Joe from You from Bookish Bronte

I, like most of my Twitter feed, binged You over the course of a couple of days. Caroline Kepnes’ novel had captivated my attention about a year earlier and I had been excited about the upcoming adaption. It was thrilling - and I didn’t fancy Joe. However, some on Twitter apparently do. Bronte puts it so eloquently here what is wrong with Joe (he is a psychopath) and why you absolutely should not fancy him. 

What fashion blogging for ten years is really like from I Want You To Know

Kristabel, a huge blogging inspiration for me, is celebrating ten years of blogging this year and has put together this fantastic review of what ten years of fashion blogging really does look like. It is reflective, honest and funny and Kristabel’s personality really shines through. Throughout each year she shares what she was blogging about, doing, her mindset and what she learnt so it is a super interesting read and very inspirational if you are just starting out with your blog. 

Strawberry, banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl from Little Miss Katy

2019 is the year I eat a little healthier and be more adventurous with foods, especially breakfasting as I do sometimes skip this meal if I’m in a rush, which is always. This smoothie bowl from Katy looks delicious and I’m definitely adding the ingredients to my shopping list for next week. 

Overcoming food shaming from A Rosie Outlook

YES to this post from Rosie. It is so well written and such a reflective outlook on food, food shaming and permission. If self-care is on your agenda for 2019, Rosie’s post should help you find peace of mind and a little bit of clarity. 

7 simple hacks to beating the Instagram algorithm from Scarlett London 

Scarlett’s Instagram is beautiful and she has a best-selling ebook available for those wanting to take their Instagram to the next notch. The Instagram algorithm can be infuriating, especially if you want to work and grow your profile in the next few months, implementing a few of Scarlett’s tips could help you on your way. 

How I quit the spending cycle from Sophie Cliff

I am trying to get a handle on my spending this year and it can be tricky to not splurge my pay-check the moment I get it on ASOS sprees and Boots hauls. Sustainable living is on my mind this year - as is being in control of my finances as I’m about to graduate. Sophie shares a few steps which ensured she has quit her spending cycle that I am planning to implement. 

How to create a luxury hotel experience at home from Apartment Number 4 

As lovely as your own bed, a night away in a luxury hotel is something special. Victoria has some tips to help you create this luxury hotel experience at home - from the bed itself to a spa-like bathroom and the right decor. Treat every night at home like a luxury experience. 

Kirsty Hebdon