The Weekend Update #3

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The online world is a treasure trove of content for us all to dip in and out of please, but we’ve put together a list of five posts you most definitely need to acquaint yourself this week, with some posts to make you think and a couple to help you in the industry with tips and who to follow. Happy reading! 


Is Sustainable Fashion Finally Mainstream? | Ruth MacGilp 

Sustainable/ethical fashion is everywhere at the moment thanks to the Stacey Dooley documentary. Ruth is one of our favourite sustainable bloggers and is a knowledgeable and experienced voice on the subject so her take on sustainable fashion now being mainstream is eloquent and interesting. A must read for anyone really interested in the development of mainstream sustainable styling. 

Unexpected Life Lessons From The Gym | Colours & Carousels

Hands up who does not do enough exercising? Our Blog & Beyond editor Charlotte shares the unexpected life lessons she has learnt in the year she has spent training in the gym which is just the boost of inspiration we need to get back into a healthier mind-set towards exercise as the colder months move in and all you want to do us is snuggle back into the sofa with another chocolate. 

How To Wear Black Without Looking Like Its Halloween 24/7 | Hello October 

Whilst Halloween 2018 is now past us, dressing in black 24/7 throughout winter can be dull and uninspiring. Susie shares helpful tips to help you spruce your inevitable all-black outfits in the colder months and squeeze fresh life into your black wardrobe staples. 


How To Create A Home Office Even In The Smallest Spaces | Apartment Number 4

Even if you don’t need (or want) a home office for your blog, it can be nice to have somewhere in your home where you can settle down to work on your content and social media. You don’t need to go wild and convert your spare room into a full-on home office for your blog but Victoria’s tips can help you to create the perfect blogging cove in any corner of your home. 

Why I’ve Not Enjoyed Running My Own Business In 2018 & Why It’s Ok | From Roses 

Rebecca shares the honest side of running your own digital business and a few of these overlap into some of the feelings we have as bloggers. She discusses the pros and cons in an honest and refreshing voice as well as sharing some of her new outlooks at the bottom of the post which underlines the message that is okay to not always love it, but you can change it. Try applying a few of Rebecca’s ideas to your blog!