The Last Editor's Letter

Hello! I feel like I always start these letters by saying “long time, no speak”, so I’m trying really hard not to. I guess I kind of just did, though. This is the last time I’ll have to think about it, though, because I’ve come to the decision to shut down Blog and Beyond.

I’m not really sure how best to put this into words, to be honest. It’s a bit weird to be writing!


I realise that to some people this might be new information, but if you’re in the Facebook group or you follow any of the social media accounts then you might have seen my announcement a couple of weeks ago. If not, then here we are!

The site has been on the quieter side recently anyway, so it felt like the right time to bring things to a close. I’ve been running Blog and Beyond singlehandedly for the past two years. What started as a monthly newsletter quickly grew into a whole website and a bustling community, with in-person events that saw me travelling up and down the UK. It’s been incredible, but it’s been exhausting.

There are various reasons behind my decision to close Blog and Beyond, but essentially I was putting far too much unnecessary pressure on myself. I juggle way too many plates at the moment, and it was only a matter of time before they came crashing to the ground. Blog and Beyond has always been a side project for me, and I run it alongside my digital marketing business, going back to university and my own blog. It’s been hectic, to say the least!

So, at the end of the month I’ll be officially closing the site down. I’ll leave the current content up in case you want to refer back to any of the posts, but there won’t be any new content for the foreseeable. I’m going to close down the Twitter and Instagram accounts too, as well as the Facebook page.

I’ll keep the Facebook group and plan on sticking around in there, because I love it and I’d be sad to see that community go. I’m still happy to help out with questions and guidance in the group - or via emails etc - but I can’t maintain the site as a whole any more. I think I might bring the newsletter back in the future, probably as a month update focusing on blogging tips and advice, but for the moment I just need a bit of a break. 

I’m not going to say that this is the end of Blog and Beyond forever, because that feels very permanent and I don’t want to rule out returning to the site one day. Most likely though, it is the end. I’ve lost my love for it, and I don’t want to force myself to do something when the spark has gone. 

I hope that answers any questions, but if not please just email me or message me. Like I said, I’ll still be in the Facebook group! If you’ve written for the site in the past please feel free to repurpose your posts for your own platforms, I’d hate them to go to waste. 

To wrap up, I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your support over the past couple of years. I couldn’t have made it this far without such an incredible bunch of bloggers by my side, and I’m hugely grateful for that.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xx

Charlotte Dougall