Should You Put Your Blog on Your CV?

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It might feel like a daunting prospect, particularly if you're not quite ready to publicly share your blog yet, but mentioning it on your CV where relevant can actually be a great way to make yourself stand out. Obviously, it can depend on the industry, but there are some brilliant reasons to consider including it somewhere on your CV - and not just because it can take up so much time that it feels like a job in itself!

Serious skills

Running a successful blog takes skills - and makes you more skilled too. I've learned a lot from my blog and it's helped me develop my writing, proofing and communication skills, too. Even if you don't want to work in social media or digital marketing, you can still take a lot from having a blog - presentation, technical skills, working with others, working to deadlines... the list goes on. 

The Digital Era

Digital skills are valuable, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are starting to realise this. An understanding of social media and digital marketing is a pretty useful thing to have in your repertoire at the moment - and you can utilise this by showing off what you've achieved off your own back for your blog. In the past, I've applied for part-time sales assistant roles, only to be offered the opportunity to assist with social media alongside my duties, purely down to the fact that I mentioned my blog on my CV when applying.


Blogging can be hard work, and keeping it up shows dedication. This is particularly relevant if you blog about a subject related to the industry you want to work in, as it shows that you are interested enough in the field to create content based around it. Again, if you want to work in digital marketing, it's a great way to showcase your dedication to learning more about the industry and developing the skills of your own volition.

Proven Passion

I suppose this is quite similar to the whole dedication thing, but I think passion is slightly different. It's good to have passions, be those specifically related to the industry you're wanting to work in, or outside of that. It shows work ethic and creativity. Even if you're just including it alongside your hobbies or interests - it can help you stand out and tell prospective employers more about who you are as a person.

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