Meet the Blogger: What Lyd Did

Meet the Blogger is an interview series which shines a spotlight on some of the incredible bloggers in the Blog and Beyond community. Today we’re chatting with Lyd from What Lyd Did. Want to take part? Submit your responses here.

what lyd did interview blogger

Tell us about your blog!

WhatLydDid is a mish mash lifestyle blog where I record days out, happy memories, and the things I love. I love nothing more than exploring beaches, towns, and experiences in my home region of the North West, and I proudly show what we have to offer in my 'What's Up' series. As an Etsy seller I also recognise the need to shout out other makers, which I do in my other running series, 'Shop Small'.

How did you discover the world of blogging and what made you want to get involved?

The first blog I discovered was Forever Amber- I had no idea Bloglovin' or Twitter could be used to keep up with posts, so I bookmarked it and visited every day! My own blog was actually inspired by working with dementia patients. It was heartbreaking to see their memories fade, so it pushed me to record mine with pictures and words.

What platform did you start your blog on, and do you still use it now?

I've always used Blogger and personally I love it!

How has your blog changed since you started?

My blog is rambly now, but when it was new it was VERY rambly and random, which wasn't good for views. Now I cover a variety of topics but try to tie them to broad headings like 'making' 'visiting' 'wearing' and so on.

If you were given £1000 to invest in your blog right now, what would you buy?

An iPad pro and Apple pencil! I'd use it to design lots for my Etsy shop but also to add doodles to my blog and Instagram pictures so my audience can see more of that side of me.

What’s your favourite thing about the blogging community?

I love that there are girls (and boys, and non binary people!) making friends, money, and waves from their bedrooms, just by sharing their talents and personalities. We're the new media, we're shaping it as we go, and I think that's pretty darn cool.

What would you like to see more of from the community?

More 'average' people at the top. At the moment it feels like you have to look like a model, live in Peggy Porschen, and buy a designer wardrobe every week to be successful. I don't want to knock those bloggers off the top because they're amazing in their own way, but it would be fab to see more BrummyMummyof2-esque influencers on the billboards and bookshelves.

What couldn’t you blog without?

My Samsung NX3000 camera. It was my 20th birthday present to myself and it comes on every adventure.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Learning and growing. Through reading other blogs I have a better understanding of so many topics, and through nurturing my own I've learned about photography, design, and coding, and improved my writing.

What advice would you give to new or growing bloggers?

Be consistent. I still suck at it myself, but I feel like every goal, whether that's making money, meeting friends, or learning web design, comes from dedicating yourself and being prepared to try new things instead of throwing the towel in.

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