Meet the Blogger: Sophie Elise

Meet the Blogger is an interview series which shines a spotlight on some of the incredible bloggers in the Blog and Beyond community. Today we’re chatting with Sophie from Sophie Elise. Want to take part? Submit your responses here.

meet the blogger sophie elise

Tell us about your blog!

Sophie Elise is a lifestyle, beauty and travel blog. I write about a bit of everything, really, but most of my posts revolve around student life, recommendations and reviews, life experiences and adventures that I’ve been on and enjoyed. In 2019 I’m hoping to be a bit more open with my blog posts, be that mental health or just in my writing, as in 2018 I really found my feet when it comes to my writing style and I really hope that shows in my posts.

How did you discover the world of blogging and what made you want to get involved?

I discovered blogging after following Bekah for quite a while and reading her posts. To be honest when I began blogging I didn’t really worry about people reading my posts, as I’m an aspiring journalist and just wanted to get some writing out there for future employers and to improve my writing. Now, though, my blog is my child and I’m so proud of it. The blogging community really is incredible and it’s amazing how supportive everyone is.

What platform did you start your blog on, and do you still use it now?

I started my blog using Weebly and I’ve remained loyal. I have considered changing platform a few times, however there is no way for me to transfer my posts across, and to be honest I’m quite happy with the Weebly’s functioning. I like the layout and how much I can edit where I want things and I feel as though the website theme is perfect for me.

How has your blog changed since you started?

The layout of my blog hasn’t changed too much, but everything about me has! My writing style has changed, my posts are much more authentic and I feel much more confident in them, I take a lot more time now to plan posts and I dedicate a lot of time and effort to the photography behind them. As I said earlier, I have a lot of new material coming in 2019 and I think these will be my best posts yet. I can’t wait for everyone to read them. While my blog hasn’t changed too much I definitely have developed as a writer and a blogger .

If you were given £1000 to invest in your blog right now, what would you buy?

Ooh, that’s a good question! I would definitely invest in some good photo props and I would maybe buy some upgrades for my website. As well as the obvious notebook of course! 

To be honest, though, I’ve invested a lot in my blog over this past year and right now I’m not sure £1000 would go too far for me as I’m quite a low-budget blogger.

What’s your favourite thing about the blogging community?

Definitely the support! I’m not sure I’d be here without the amazing bloggers that I’ve met.

What would you like to see more of from the community?

I’d love to see more opportunities for smaller bloggers, while I’ve got quite a decent following now (I am in no way Instagram famous!) I would have loved some more things to do when I was smaller and didn’t really know what I was doing. I’d definitely love to see more tips and tricks for smaller bloggers as well, which is something I might be writing about in 2019 - you’ll just have to wait-and-see!

What couldn’t you blog without?

My camera and my inability to sleep! I have a notebook as well that I never let out of my sight which I always write ideas in when I get them randomly, and then I’ll plan and the elaborate them in this notebook. I love taking pictures so would die without my camera and I tend to find that my post so much better when I’ve written them at night, this obviously doesn’t help too much in the morning but I’m always much more proud of the post that I written it when I can’t sleep. They’re usually my best.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is getting my ideas out and how rewarding it is knowing that other people are reading them. I also love reading other bloggers’ posts and commenting on them to show some support.

What advice would you give to new or growing bloggers?

Do your research! I’ve spent the best part of the past few months sorting out DAs and SEOs and whatnot. As I said earlier, I wasn’t too bothered about people reading my posts to begin with. I’m definitely paying the price for that now - while you don’t need to be an expert I would recommend having some basic knowledge of the behind-the-scenes of blogging.

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