Letter From the Editor: August

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Oh hey!

*insert cliche opening phrase about how fast this year is going here*

Joking aside, it is moving at some speed - right? I feel like as soon as I get into the swing of one month, the next appears in a flash. Even more so when I realise that this is most likely my second last summer as a student, which is a pretty terrifying thought after spending the last five years in higher education.

The last couple of months have been great for Blog & Beyond, with July's page views reaching six times that of months before. I'm chuffed, to say the least, and can't wait to see how the site continues to grow over the coming months.

In July, we had some brilliant posts on the site including tips for making the most of your search bar, a chat about the blogging community with the fabulous Alice Spake and the first in our series of how a blog can help you get a job. If you want to contribute a post to the site be sure to get in touch and find out more about writing for Blog & Beyond.

July also saw the announcement of our first ever event! At the end of August, we'll be hosting a workshop in Glasgow all about defining your niche as a blogger, establishing your brand and reaching your ideal audience. Sound good? It gets better - there's cake involved. Find out more and grab your ticket here. We're going to bring these events to cities around the UK, so if you want us to pay a visit to your closest city be sure to let us know where you are.

There's lots of really exciting stuff coming up for the site in August and I am beyond excited to share what I've been working on with you all. It's been a long time coming, and a lot of work behind the scenes, but I'm hoping that it'll really help bloggers like you build their business and their brand.

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See you next month for more fun!

love, Charlotte x