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Hi everyone! I’m Soph and I blog over at www.sophie-elise.co.uk, I cover everything from my (occasional) adventures to my favourite beauty products to very frequent rambles about my life and how I scrape by – both financially and emotionally. I’m currently studying journalism full time at Cardiff University with the hopes of becoming a (you guessed it) journalist. I bloody love animals, The Office and I especially love blogging, so today I’m going to have a chat about the community, as it’s actually a big proportion of being a blogger and something that can seem quite difficult to get into.

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So, being a blogger. You write your posts, publish them, make those pretty little covers on Canva and promote the hell out of them. Something’s missing, though. You follow other bloggers, and some follow you, and you reply to those cute little “recent blog post” threads and you think you’re doing all you can…but – and I’m sorry for the tough love – you’re not.

After taking a break from blogging in September to settle into uni, I managed to become almost ‘unattached’ from my past blogger self and realise how little I did within the community. Yes, I did everything listed above and I even tried to post the occasional interesting story on my Instagram, but nothing was working. Then it suddenly clicked, to be a happy and successful blogger you need to dive straight into that community like your life depends on it (hyperbolic, but I’m trying to make a point).

Getting yourself stuck into the blogging community is daunting, as it is whenever you’re immersing yourself into anything. As someone who started a blog with no intention of it being read, I was very behind in terms of blogging friendships – and there are people that have been blogging for years. The good thing? Everyone is really, really, super duper, incredibly nice.  

You’ve probably heard this before, but make sure you’re engaged. It felt like I was spamming the hell out of people to begin with because it feels a little unnatural to comment on a somewhat stranger’s posts and lifestyle. Once you’re over that initial discomfort you begin to feel like you’re supporting people that you know and want to support (don’t just comment willy-nilly). Follow people – not literally, please -, comment on and like Instagram posts, respond to Insta stories and tweets, pin ideas and posts that you enjoy and most importantly comment on people’s blog posts!! It makes my day to get a new comment and if you’ve enjoyed a post, go out of your way to tell the blogger!

Alongside being engaged, make sure you’re actively posting too. I like to do at least one little Instagram story a day and I tweet a lot, probably too much. Some bloggers I know post on their Insta feed daily, but I’m definitely not organised enough for that! Just make sure you’re providing content that other bloggers can engage with, and make sure you have a clear comments section on your blog.

What I’ve written above definitely makes it sound easier than it is and it may take a while for other bloggers to begin to engage with you, too, but they will. I often spend dedicated amounts of my spare time doing different things, for example I may spend 20 minutes reading people’s new blog posts and then 10 minutes on Twitter etc.

One thing being in the community shouldn’t feel like is a chore. If you’re finding it laborious to interact with other bloggers and consistently post, then take some time away. The same advice for if you feel like you’re ‘spamming’, because I think most of us have been in that boat when we’re trying to get ourselves recognised. Don’t just comment on a post for the hell of it and if you feel like you’re getting on people’s nerves (side note: you probably aren’t, you’re just aware of how much you’ve commented on things today) then take a break. Blogging should be enjoyable and the community is one of my favourite things that come with being a blogger (the shameless promotion, not so much).

Once you’re in and you’ve made a few friends, not only will you see your traffic grow but you’ll also love blogging SO. MUCH. MORE. Thank you so much for reading and I hope these little tips come in handy. Remember, perseverance is key but your happiness comes first – make sure you’re always loving what you do!

Catch you in the blogosphere,

Soph x 

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