Is Blogging Bad for Me?

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blogging and anxiety

For those of you with anxiety, you'll know that it can creep into every area of your life and ruin even the happiest moments. For a long time, blogging actually helped to ease my anxiety. Being invited to events and knowing that people valued what I wrote boosted my confidence, and it was one area of my life where I felt safe and strong. 

I never got to a point where I could attend events on my own, but I was able to visit new places and meet new people so long as I had someone with me, which in itself is a huge step and something that I'm immensely grateful to blogging for bringing my way. 

Sadly, the poison has spread to my blog. The validation I got hooked on dropped, and when my emails, comments, and likes dwindled, so did my confidence. At one point I was thinking about branching out into helping local businesses with their social media and finding freelance writing work, whereas now I feel totally overwhelmed by every aspect. All around me I see bloggers who are killing it and turning their passion into paychecks, but rather than feeling inspired I feel incapable. 

It's a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that I've lost the engagement and perhaps my way a little, but ultimately I know that the problem comes from my brain, not my blog, and I can only do my best to change both. I looked back at the core value of my blog, which is to celebrate the small things and record my memories, and I remembered that I blog for me. I also took time to count my blessings and be grateful for the opportunities I've had, not sad about the ones I haven't. 

It was also valuable to reassess the content I was seeing and using. Just a minute on Twitter or Instagram can show you 50+ pieces of information, so it's no wonder I was feeling overwhelmed. I chose to delete them so I was absorbing less content but it was also two areas where I didn't have to stress about my own. In the tap of a button I no longer had to worry about the perfect theme, and by no longer promoting my content on those platforms, I can't be sad when people don't click onto it. 

I've taken it old school and turned to Facebook, where I can use my page for random thoughts, videos, and promoting blog posts and shop products. It's a very hard platform to grow, but I feel like the people who engage with my page care more. The Blog And Beyond and Official UK Bloggers groups share that caring community feel, and they're a really great way for me to learn information in smaller pieces, or give and receive help when needed. 

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is blogging bad for me