How My Blog Helped Me Get a Job - Part One

Hello! I'm Charlotte, and I'm the founder of Blog and Beyond. I'm a slightly sarcastic 22-year-old grandma from Glasgow who loves The Sims, Hugh Laurie and programmes about airports. I've been blogging at Colours and Carousels for nearly eight years and work freelance in digital marketing.
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starting a blog to get a job

In the past, we’ve spoken about how valuable it can be to have your blog on your CV. Running a blog shows a lot of dedication and teaches you seriously valuable skills - but if you’re not already convinced, here are some real-life examples of bloggers who used their online presence to get a job. I’ve spoken to bloggers who have made serious career changes, people who have got their first step into an industry and bloggers who were able to make huge steps forward in their career - all because of their blogs.

Jessica - Travel Marketer - Jessica in Your Ear

My blog has been key to my career in marketing. As a graduate, it set me apart from other candidates, showing my ability to create and grow social media platforms, write engaging content and manage my time and it always meant I had something a little bit different to talk about at an interview. 

I’ve recently started a new role in marketing for Visit Cambridge, the official tourist board, and my travel blog was one of the main reasons I was offered the job. It not only showed a clear passion for all things travel and tourism but an ability to look at destinations and find something new and different to write about as well as persuade other people to visit!

Sophie - Enterprise Digital Services Manager - Sophie Rosie

A few years ago, I made quite the career change. I was working in a very corporate accountancy job when I realised that it just wasn't what I wanted to anymore. I was craving doing something more creative, in a more creative environment when a job popped up for a large radio group and it was perfect for me. I was a little hesitant to apply, as I wasn't sure if I would get it - having only had experience in such a corporate environment up until then. However, thankfully, I'd included my blog on my CV - showing my soon-to-be-boss all of those creative skills that were required for the role, that I just couldn't showcase with my accountancy experience alone.

There is no doubt about it that my blog not only helped to impress my boss and get me this job, but it helped me make a huge career (and lifestyle) change that I'll be forever thankful for.

Anastasia - Researcher at University of Aberdeen - Natbees

Blogging most certainly has been one of the best decisions of my life; not only it has provided me with some of the most insane travel opportunities, but it has also earned me some ‘pinch-me’ jobs that I had never imagined I’d do. Around this time last year, BBC Scotland approached me to work together on their latest social media strategy by creating a video emphasising the importance of Women in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for their social media. I was approached primarily for my identity as a Researcher at the University of Aberdeen and secondarily because they liked my Blog and the way I presented Scotland on my Instagram account. After my initial exhilaration, I started planning on the video production and execution and soon enough I found myself in the Soil Biophysics laboratory, talking about the Academia, Science and Women on the camera. The moment I saw my face all over BBC Scotland’s social media was unforgettable! It was truly fascinating to get the chance to encourage and inspire young girls and women through my story and to have so many people getting in touch with me saying that their daughter/sister/cousin had watched my video and adored it! Had it not been for my blogging skills and years of work I do not think I would have ever been approached by BBC Scotland, so I am delighted to be part of this wide blogging family!

Ruth - Senior Digital PR - Ruth Writes

I started my blog back in 2010 as I was starting to job hunt after uni (journalism degree) but had no experience. My blog has been posted on consistently every month since and a talking point in interviews. I went into blogger outreach back in 2013 when the industry was developing, working with bloggers on the Matalan blog. My love for the industry was apparent and my drive to work with upcoming bloggers such as Callie Thorpe and Bang on Style. I'm now a senior PR and Outreach exec and having watched this industry grow and understand what bloggers want from collaborations and how to speak to them from a bloggers perspective has helped me navigate the conversation between bloggers and brands

Lauren - Marketing Manager - Life by Lauren Ella

In about March 2014 I'd just quit my job as a teaching assistant at a school after I was signed off with anxiety (teaching was not a good fit for me, in the end) and I was feeling pretty down about not finding a job that I liked/wanted ever. I got a blog email through from Olivia Burton inviting me to their launch at Westfield Stratford and I headed along and got chatting to Jemma, one of the founders and happened to mention that I was looking for a job. She asked me to send her my CV as they were looking for someone in customer relations as they'd just moved to a new office in London and I did, and got the job! I was only the fourth employee and adored working there so I worked my butt off, and pretty quickly got moved into more of the marketing/social media and managing someone else in the customer relations department. I'd never have got the marketing experience I have without taking that job, and would never be in the job I am now (Marketing Manager at an agency in Edinburgh). Jemma was my manager and taught me so much as well - she was my first work 'mentor'. Proof that everything happens for a reason and that blogging is an excellent online CV!

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how my blog helped me get a job