How My Blog Helped Me Get a Job - Part Two

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how a blog can help you get a job

In the past, we’ve spoken about how valuable it can be to have your blog on your CV. Running a blog shows a lot of dedication and teaches you seriously valuable skills - but if you’re not already convinced, here are some real-life examples of bloggers who used their online presence to get a job. I’ve spoken to bloggers who have made serious career changes, people who have got their first step into an industry and bloggers who were able to make huge steps forward in their career - all because of their blogs.

This is part two of a series - check out the first part here

Kim - Communications Manager - Life Can Be Toff

I was already doing part of the role as our previous Communications Manager wasn't very techy, but when he announced his retirement, I put forward my desire to take over. 

I was told by my boss I didn't have any writing experience which is when I told him about my blog, which was still very much in its infancy, but also all the work I was doing social media wise which was an element of the role of Communications Manager he was looking for from a new recruit.

I was appointed on an interim basis whilst I learnt the press and media sides of the role. I was appointed on an interim basis for 9 months last November, my role was confirmed as permanent ahead of time. I have worked for the company for nearly 7 years as a PA and office manager and have experience only in administration, so being able to have an opportunity at promotion and doing something I really enjoy was a real win for me.

I like to think that without my blog that I wouldn't be where I am now. Yes, the blog is still very small in comparison to some, but without being able to prove my worth as a writer, I don't think I'd be doing my job now. The training I’ve done through my job has helped me fine tune and think about the structure of my blog posts and how I promote it so it’s been great in that sense too! I get to incorporate a lot of what I do in my day to day job in my blog which is fab!

Jenny - Content Creator - Jenny Cleeton

When I went for my interview for my first job in media, I had mentioned on my CV somewhat reluctantly that I ran a blog. I didn’t think it would bide well as the job was for a marketing mag. However, in the interview, I was asked what I did in my free time and when I said write a blog their interest was piqued. Not because of the content, which was fashion and lifestyle, but because outside of university and my various part-time jobs, I committed to writing, creating and learning about the publishing and social media industry in a way to market the content.

It made it clear I had an interest in social media and enjoyed creating whether it was writing, video or images. It was a sign of commitment to publishing in one way or another, which I think put me that tiny bit higher than the others that had been interviewed.

Florence - Communications Officer - Love from, Florence Grace

I absolutely wouldn’t be in the career I am now had I not started my blog. Way back when, I was advised that I should start a blog to break into the media industry (I had dreams of being a radio presenter, and still do!). I was a little dubious – blogging was for nerds, right? Wrong! I started my blog just shy of four years ago and have never looked back. It allowed me to spend my year at college working on setting up a digital business, via my blog, it allowed me to demonstrate both my writing and social media skills and landed me several part-time jobs in that industry alongside my retail job, all of which allowed me to build up my experience and expertise in the industry, leading me to land my full-time career as a Communications Officer. 

In addition to this, I now run my own business – a women’s lifestyle and careers magazine and also a freelance content creation service. I’ve also gotten to do some really cool things, like training to be a TV presenter, get my own radio show and work with some amazing companies, such as Channel 4. All of these opportunities stemmed from starting my blog, with each opportunity opening the door to the next until I landed where I am now. I love blogging, I love working in social media and I am so glad I started Love from, Florence Grace because it really did change my life!

Jess - Freelance Digital Marketer - Jess Who

After graduating from University with a degree in Photography and no idea what I was going to do with it, I started to wonder whether my interest in blogging and the online world could help me to get into a career in digital marketing. And that's when Jess Who was born!

I worked on it for about a year, treating it like an online portfolio to show potential employers that I was passionate about the subject and in the end it paid off! I was offered a role in the content marketing team at which was all due to the enthusiasm I had shown through the development of my blog.

Although it was something I set up to help me break into the digital marketing industry and secure my first role I decided to keep it up and it has helped me to stand out in many job applications since and even meant that I've now been able to make the leap into self-employment through the contacts I've made along the way!

Becky - A Dose of B

I recently had a job interview to work as a Diagnostic Radiographer in the NHS and had the usual questions about my clinical practice and patient care. They also asked me to talk about myself for a few minutes. 

I spoke about training as a lifeguard and swimming instructor in my spare time and then mentioned that I ran a beauty blog also. The two interviewers instantly starting asking loads of questions, noting how unique a hobby it was and how many opportunities it must allow me. I was able to explain how it's been a huge help networking wise, as well as giving me the opportunity to attend amazing events and meet some wonderful people, including Pixie Lott! I've also been lucky enough to work briefly with Look Good Feel Better, a cancer charity close to my heart, who I'm planning on working with more this year!

They were really impressed and wanted to know more. They also mentioned that my technical knowledge picked up from blogging would definitely come in useful in certain aspects of the job, as there are additional roles in the department where you train to be the go-to person to fix any system issues with the computers. 

I think that blogging is such a unique hobby to have, that it really helps you stand out in interviews. I also feel as though it's increased my confidence, from attending beauty events alone and meeting everyone, to reaching out to brands for collaborations, and this confidence came across in my interview!

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