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building a lifestyle blog

There's no denying that all blogging requires a tonne of hard work. From creating perfect posts and pictures to scheduling promotion, not to mention being a Pinterest pro and maintaining an incredible Instagram, it all requires time and effort, but I believe lifestyle blogging needs that extra 10%.

For many bloggers, lifestyle is the easiest to actually write because you can vary your content and keep it centred around you rather than relying on new gadget releases or buying every blusher that hits the shelf, but the tricky part is getting people to read it and stay. Ultimately they have to be invested enough to care about where you went at the weekend and what you'd call your first daughter. Beauty bloggers will get organic views from people searching for swatches, tech bloggers attract like-minded consumers, but us lifestyle bloggers? Well, we kinda just have to hope that someone stumbles onto our posts and likes us enough to stick around.

It does get easier with time, when you have a huge portfolio of posts to highlight your personality and writing style, but in the beginning, I would strongly advise using your other social media to show it off so people are encouraged to learn more and click through to your posts. Don't be shy, join blogger Facebook groups for your city or interests (like our Blog & Beyond group!), participate in Twitter chats, and maybe even share little videos on your Facebook or Instagram so your audience really get to know you. 

Once you have their interest it's important to get readers returning with regular content. You won't please everyone with every post, but you can look at your feedback and address your analytics to see what is floating their boats, then put more focus on it. If, for example, your wellbeing content comes out on top, you could introduce a set series of Wellness Wednesdays, or aim to make every fifth post relate to it. 

Finally, make sure to add links to relevant existing posts when you write, or use a widget like LinkWithin to encourage readers to naturally move their way through your content. It works by suggesting similar posts, so if someone clicks onto a wellness post where you mention your favourite yoga mat, it will take them to the haul post where you bought that mat, and so on.

Have you any tips to add?

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Getting Ahead With Your Lifestyle Blog