Get Your Blog Ready for 2019

A new year is the perfect time for a bit of housekeeping, both offline and online. Are you ready for a brand new year? Here's our checklist to get your blog in tip-top condition ahead of 2019.

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  1. Tidy up your inbox and set up some systems to keep on top of your emails in the new year - check out this post for some inspiration.

  2. Organise your desktop (clear out all of those screenshots you don't need!) and sort out your virtual filing systems. Have you set up a cloud backup like Dropbox yet?

  3. Do the same thing, but with your phone. Sort through your apps and photos and clear out the ones you don't need or use - stop those annoying "storage nearly full" notifications from driving you up the wall.

  4. When did you last sort out your broken links? I know I've left it longer than I should. It's a good time to sift through and fix them up!

  5. Spruce up your tech with a beautiful new wallpaper with a suitably sassy quote for a regular dose of inspiration throughout the year.

  6. Set some goals for 2019! If you need a helping hand, there's a free five-day email course in the resource library that will point you in the right direction. Sign up for Goalgetter here!

  7. Could you update your profile pictures? Make sure they're the same across your blog and social media platforms to keep a consistent brand.

  8. Set up some trackers and keep on top of your stats in 2019. You can find a free downloadable spreadsheet in the resource library!

  9. Freshen up your feeds and follow some new accounts on social media. I love finding new blood to get the inspiration flowing!

  10. Why not add some new hashtags to your rotation, too? Spend an hour or so researching some hashtags relevant to your niche. Tweet us at @blogandbeyond to share your favourite finds!

  11. Take a minute to make sure your social media bios are up to date - are they all linking to the right places?

  12. When did you last sort out your about page? Grab a cuppa and check out our guide to writing the perfect about page before sprucing up yours.

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Written by Charlotte

Charlotte is the founder of Blog and Beyond who loves The Sims, Hugh Laurie and programmes about airports. She’s been blogging at Colours and Carousels for over eight years and is passionate about helping other bloggers grow.

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