Finding Your Blogging Voice Amongst the Noise

Hello! I’m Kirsty and I’m a lifestyle blogger on The Monday Project. I am prone to word vomiting and talk about everything from shoestring travel to my love of the city I live in, to personal style to affordable interiors. I like Criminal Minds, Diet Coke, the colour green, plants and organising things. I’m also a full-time student of History and Classics at the University of Glasgow.
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finding your voice blogging

If I hear one more time that the blogging industry is ‘too saturated’ I might scream. The blogging industry is now huge and there are hundreds of thousands of blogs floating between Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace and more. A lot of people blog.

But please don’t let this put you off. Blogging is a huge (and competitive) industry but there is always room for more. You wouldn’t discourage someone from applying to law school as there are ‘too many lawyers already’ so the sheer number of blogs on the internet shouldn’t discourage any budding bloggers either.

Maybe you are thinking about starting a blog, have just started one and feel a bit lost or have been blogging for ages but feel like you’re not going anywhere. You’re just not quite sure how to find your blogging voice amongst the noise when people are shouting about things like niches and algorithms and being in it for the passion, not the dolla every five seconds.

Blogging can sometimes feel like you’re just whispering into the void whilst others are dancing on rooftops. It can feel like you’re voice just doesn’t matter so why do you even bother blogging at all. This sucks but it is just a little bit of self-doubt creeping in which we can vanquish away.

‘Oversaturated Market’

Ugh, this term. Blogging is a booming industry, no lies told there, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for any more. It’s not a 100,000 max capacity or anything. It is the internet! You can what you want! (within reason) Sign up for WordPress and make that free account already!

As I said earlier about the law industry, the number isn’t restricted and this alone should not put you off. It might be daunting and you might wonder if you’ll ever make money or gain an audience and traction and honestly, you might not. But there is risk associated with everything and blogging is no different.

If you want to start wittering away online simply to have an outlet or space to creative or a start adding things to your CV the notion of an ‘oversatured market’ is irrelevant. Once you forget about the numbers blogging becomes a lot more fun a lot more quickly.

Do You Need A Niche?

Some people swear by a niche. Others don’t. There are blogs for almost everything (and more if you delve into Pinterest) and some of them are very specialised. I personally don’t abide by that much of a niche. I’m no expert in anything and I started The Monday Project as a platform to discuss everything. I wanted somewhere I could write and be creative – not somewhere to be confined to a topic.

Allie summaries my feelings on the lifestyle blog perfectly as she discusses being a blogger without a niche. I probably would get bored if I all I could talk about was beauty new in or interior staples. I don’t live a life centred around any one thing, so being a lifestyle blog gives me the creativity, freedom and inspiration I require to thrive online.

‘Lifestyle’ has allowed me to develop what I think my voice is as a writer. I’m chatty, informal and prone to making silly statements that break up my writing. I like to have a chat with my readers, ask questions, share anecdotes. By not having a niche I’ve found my voice but this will work the other way round.

But if you are a beauty expert or an interiors stylist in your spare time then perhaps following a niche would be in your best interests. I do follow a few beauty blogs for beauty tips but most of the content I consume from blogs is from lifestyle bloggers as I often grow to trust and appreciate them as a person, not just a blog, so will take their advice as if I’m taking it from a close friend.

Be Passionate & Yourself

This! Is! The! Most! Important! Thing! When! It! Comes! To! Blogging!

In case you didn’t get that memo. Passion is what drives blogging. It is the reason the readership drifted from glossy magazine editorials to friendly and relatable people chatting from the confines of their bedroom or work lunch break.

Be passionate about anything. Be that your avocado on toast or your trip to Amsterdam or the new shoes you picked up in a Topshop 20% off sale. It will really show through your writing and your voice will begin to develop. Anyone who writes like they are standing next to you talking instantly has me reading hook, line and sinker. Being passionate and yourself with help you to develop this.

I hope these tips are useful and you will comfortable and confident wittering away online. It’s addictive and soon you won’t be able to shut up, no matter how noisy it is.