Believe you can, and you will succeed.

Hello, I’m Madelyn, 19 and currently a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Exact Systems which deals with Quality Control in the Automotive Industry. Since being an apprentice, I’ve already learnt so much in such a short space of time and hope to share with you some of the amazing opportunities provided to me as well as what I’ve found to be a necessity. Media has always been my passion and I thrive on different elements of media from marketing to film, I hope to give you that final push in taking the next step in the Digital Marketing Industry.
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My life seems to be an ongoing episode of the Bridget Jones movies stuck on a loop for 99% of the time, so when I get a call to do an apprenticeship for my dream job, it all just seemed way too good to be true.  Media has always been a huge part of my life, throughout school I was a Co-Host on a radio show (which is what I thought I’d like to go into originally), writing articles for the local paper and having the chance to meet Andrew Shimm from This Is England being a really great moment during the time of studying my Creative Media Production course.

I knew I’d wanted to go into Media, but I was never sure which segment as when I did my Creative Media Production course I wasn’t even aware how vast the media sector is! When doing the course, coming up to my second year at the end I soon discovered, the word MARKETING… (I mean I was already aware of the word marketing…) but the word just attached to me and the whole element of finding out who my customers were and how to get them to invest in my product/service as well as being creative in doing so, could keep my creativity levels fueled.

Prior to my interview, they had asked for me to put together a PowerPoint of ‘what is Marketing?’ and most of my knowledge of how it worked. This already mentally stressed me out just thinking about standing and talking (I can be very shy) and prior to my interview my hard drive had completely died on me with just a few days away from the big day! Luckily my boyfriend had a spare hard drive lying around and crossing my fingers in the hopes that it worked… (And it did! Thank god!) I came to realise that when there’s a will there’s a way and it was meant to be (with also the help of my fabulous boyfriend!).

So, with upon writing my Marketing PowerPoint, I made sure that I spent all my spare time perfecting it by watching endless videos of how Marketing works and why it’s important to engage with your audience etc. So, the big day came, I was a bag of nerves! Which is completely ok may I add, but I went in believing that I had as much chance as anyone else which made all the difference! I spoke through my presentation (even if it was slightly rushed) and left on a Marketing quote which I really feel locked in my place as it showed my passion and investment in Marketing.

Now six weeks later, on my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, I am thriving in my work environment! I work for a Quality Control company under the name Exact Systems, who have already offered me some fabulous experiences such as trade shows as well as investing in me by giving me the option to potentially be doing a Marketing course at some point! (My top question for myself: Which is important to remember are you making the most of your opportunities in your working environment?)

There are still days where I feel overwhelmed with knowing nothing about the Automotive industry, however, I understand now that with any job it’s all a learning process and learning a bit each day is the best way to progress forward. Automotive websites are my best friend now and online courses I can’t recommend enough to brush on your media knowledge (Digital Garage and Future Learn are both amazing for this!).

As an apprentice my message here is you can do anything, no matter how cheesy that sounds just remember if you want something bad enough and invest in all your time to get where you want to be, you will be surprised just how much you can achieve in a small space of time. Just remember to get as much experience as possible - make the most of your surroundings!