An Apprentice's Guide to Digital Marketing

Hello, I’m Madelyn, 19 and currently a Digital Marketing Apprentice for Exact Systems which deals with Quality Control in the Automotive Industry. Since being an apprentice, I’ve already learnt so much in such a short space of time and hope to share with you some of the amazing opportunities provided to me as well as what I’ve found to be a necessity. Media has always been my passion and I thrive on different elements of media from marketing to film, I hope to give you that final push in taking the next step in the Digital Marketing Industry.
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Think of me as your Digital Marketing Fairy godmother, I’m here to provide you with the insights of being an apprentice as well as some of the best key tools that you really need to get to know if you haven’t already.

Not too long ago, I made a blog post via my LinkedIn all about things I’ve learnt so far as an apprentice, and believe me, it’s not all spent walking into the office strutting around in my watermelon dangly earrings - although they are a great Monday morning statement.

I’ve learnt to make the most of my situations, there’s no guarantee I’ll be kept after my apprenticeship so making sure I grasp every opportunity and do as many online courses as I can because it's a fantastic way to build up my CV.  Ask yourself: Am I using my working environment to my advantage?

Two websites that I can’t recommend highly enough for brushing up on your Media Marketing are Google Digital Garage and Future Learn with both offering certificates at the end which are great to put on your LinkedIn profile and for your CV. I do these with any spare time I have in work, and sometimes at home to put in the extra hours.

I also want to recommend some books too I’ve been recommended to buy; Marketing: A love story by Bernadette Jiwa and Economics: The user’s guide by Ha-Joon Chang, I haven’t read these yet, but I have them purchased as my Apprenticeship coach told me these books are a necessity! I’ve already selected the books I want to get such as Girlboss and How To Be An Overnight Success because I love to read, and it will only push me further on touching up my knowledge and learning from another people’s success.

Another thing I will suggest is getting a notebook (I call mine my Marketing bible). I keep everything in this notebook and especially notes from doing the digital marketing courses! It’s nice to have the knowledge to hand and keep it all one place. Prior to this, I made myself a career journal where I keep my CV, certificates, references, uni courses I wanted to go to at the time as well as other achievements from school and college. Doing this allows me to look back and realise it’s okay to make changes if you are investing time and making sure you allow yourself to receive and realise the benefits.

Digital Marketing is constantly changing, and no one is fully going to know everything, I would focus on learning what you need to know for your business and even then, a little extra knowledge won’t hurt. For me, using websites and places like YouTube will help you grow this knowledge and understand that not being a social media mogul right now really isn’t a be all and end all!  

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