4 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Hello! I'm Charlotte, and I'm the founder of Blog and Beyond. I'm a slightly sarcastic 22-year-old grandma from Glasgow who loves The Sims, Hugh Laurie and programmes about airports. I've been blogging at Colours and Carousels for nearly eight years and work freelance in digital marketing.
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Engagement is the name of the game these days, right? We all want it, and it’s understandable. Engagement is probably a blogger’s most valuable metric as it’s a great way to show how interested your audience is in what you have to say. Here are four top tips for encouraging engagement across your blog and social media platforms.

Add value

The best way to encourage people to engage with your content is to give them something. When writing a blog post, you should be looking at what value it provides. This doesn't necessarily mean you're giving your readers a concrete "thing", like a discount code or a downloadable freebie - it could just be advice, an explanation or useful tips.

Expand your reviews and look at how products would work for other people, or turn your travel diaries into advice or recommendations. Look at things from a reader's perspective - what do you want them to gain from reading your blog?

Be fresh

It can be hard to come up with new ideas amongst a sea of blogs, but it's possible to bring a fresh perspective. Bringing elements of your own personality into your content can help you stand out and encourage people to connect with what you have to say. After all, you are the only version of you in the world. That's something no one else has, so use it to your advantage! 

Personally, I like to think I'm kind of funny, so I try to inject some of my dry, rather sarcastic humour into everything I write. Whether other people think I'm funny or not is a whole new ballgame...

Have a point

This is something I struggle with sometimes, as I do like to ramble, but I think it's really important to have a solid structure and point to what you're sharing. This helps keep you focused and ties back into the whole "adding value" concept.

To help with this, I try to plot out my blog posts before I sit down and write them so that I have a bit of direction. I follow the rough structure of: introduction, context, point 1, point 2, point 3, conclusion, call to action. More on that last one next…

Ask questions

Want people to do something? Tell them. If you want to know what they think, finish your blog post with a question to encourage discussion in the comments. If you want them to check out a different blog post or visit a website, make it clear at the end.

Whatever it is that you want to happen, bring attention to it at the very end of your post with a clear call to action to make it obvious and easy for your readers. I do this a lot, and you'll probably notice it throughout my content on all platforms.

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