Creating Content Whilst Travelling

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Going on holiday or spending time travelling is a fantastic way to create content for your blog. Travel blogs are extremely popular and perform really well in SEO and on Pinterest thanks to their relatability, functionality and interesting topics. Everyone has a different experience whilst travelling so anything you share will be unique in your own way.

Travel blogs are one of my first stops when I’m planning for a trip as i love finding out about a location from someone who has experienced it in a way similar to the way i will. I like knowing where to eat for the best local dishes, where’s cheap for drinks and happy hour, what sights are must and what aren’t, the streets i need to walk down, how the public transport works, how much they loved the location. They often have every answer to every question i’ve got floating around my head and that is what makes travel content such a great addition to your blog.  

But the thought of creating content whilst you are supposed to be relaxing can be a daunting one. You don’t want to the need for content to infringe on your holiday and take away from actually enjoying yourself if you are more concerned about getting that shot in front of the Eiffel tower or not letting anyone eat until you’ve taken 83284 shots of the food first.

Creating content whilst travelling doesn’t mean you have to find the Instagrammable spots in the city you are exploring or taking out a backpack full of clothes with you to change your outfit to match the location as you go. Don’t feel pressurised to share your day on Instagram stories if you’d rather neck your third Aperol spritz of the afternoon before trotting off in search of more regional wine.

The importance of valuable content

The most valuable travel content is useful information you can share that you have actually learnt whilst travelling. Ask yourself a few questions about the things you wondered about how you came and think about placing them into blog posts.

How do you get from the airport? Which areas are best for your accommodation? Where is the best happy hour? What is public transport like? What sights are a must?

What did you learn? How can that be transferred into content for your readers that is useful, interesting and fits into the stylistic tone of your blog? Sharing practical tips for destinations makes great cornerstone content and will attract readers of all shapes and sizes who are planning trips and who have never visited your blog before thanks to the useful information you are providing.

Envision content after your trip, not before

When it comes to creating travel content for your blog, don’t go into your holiday with ideas of the posts you are going to come away with. After doing a fair bit of travelling in 2018, I’ve learnt to just go with the flow when it comes my time in the city I’m exploring and then figuring out what to write about when i get home.  

For some cities, I can do intensive guides with what to do and individual posts on specific points in the cities (such as reviews of walking tours or food guides) as I’ve done everything. If I’ve gone in on that city, eaten somewhere different every meal, tried lots of local delicacies, learnt lots, discovered hidden spots, navigated public transport – then a compact guide is on the cards. 

However, if you have a more relaxed holiday where you did less, ate at the same restaurant a few times, spent a day by the pool, then don’t feel pressured to create the ‘city guide’. Opting for a more relaxed travel diary or sharing a photo diary means you can still share your holiday on your blog and you don’t need to feel the stress whilst travelling to ‘get the content’.  

Focus on enjoying your holiday, put your blog to the back of mind if you can and think up content when you get back. It will be so much easier to brainstorm when you’ve had the experience and have the photographs to inspire you. Think about the things you did, the things you didn’t do (why didn’t you do them, perhaps you want to go back and there is a travel bucket list post forming!), what you ate, your overall experience, personal anecdotes about your trip.  

The trip planning is just as important

The actual planning of your trip also makes great content. Travel content doesn’t have to rely on the actual trip itself but information on how you planned it might be super useful to potential readers. If you want to take a break from content creating whilst away and focus purely on your trip, it is great way to anchor in your upcoming travel to your blog without actually blogging whilst travelling.  

I personally adore exploring somewhere new. I both love reading and creating travel content and redefining the relationship I have with creating it for myself has opened up whole new ways for me to create content. It is okay to not share everything whilst you are there, it is okay to share everything whilst you are there.

Create content you love by enjoying the holiday you want and worry about everything else later. The ideas will come and you’ll have around ten content ideas floating around your head to type up on your phone notes on the flight home!