Charlotte's Blogging Diary

Charlotte is the founder of Blog & Beyond and has been blogging at Colours & Carousels for nearly nine years. She’s currently attempting to balance her blog, the Blog & Beyond site and her digital marketing business, Blether, with the final semester of her undergrad degree. This is how her week looks…

blogging diary


8am -  It’s my first day back at university and the start of a new semester. Last semester I had a Monday off, so it was usually a nice gentle start to the week, but now I have a 9am class which means I need to be out the door by 7.30am at the absolute latest.

I usually head to uni early to miss the traffic, so I get in around 8am and I spend the hour before my first class catching up on emails and doing a bit of writing. I put together an email about the Blog & Beyond roadshow to send that off to subscribers and push some of the final ticket sales.

10am - The way my timetable works out this semester means that I have a three hour break on a Monday morning, so I set myself up in a coffee shop nearby with my laptop to do a bit of work. It’s still pretty early in the semester so I don’t have too much uni work to do, but I do a bit of planning for my new blog for my digital marketing class and carry out some research into bad practices in influencer marketing.

3pm - I’m home from university but I have a bit of studying to do. Luckily, it involves a couple of chapters for my digital marketing class (can you tell that’s my favourite class?) and it gives me some ideas for content for Blog and Beyond going forward.

6pm - The Blog & Beyond roadshow kicks off on Saturday, which I’m increasingly aware of, so I spend an hour or so finalising some details and putting out some promotion on social media before calling it a day and heading to bed nice and early.


7am - I’m not in university until 11am this morning, so I’m taking the time to catch up on some emails in front of the tv with my breakfast. My inbox is a bit of a state with messages piling up for a few weeks now, so I’d been feeling pretty anxious about it. It didn’t take as long as I expected to work through, though!

11am - Time for my digital marketing class, where I start putting together my new blog. Whilst installing the analytics for the new site, I have a quick glance through the stats for my blog and the Blog & Beyond site, making a mental note to update my spreadsheets later.

1pm - I wouldn’t normally consider brunch as part of my blogging routine, but I get a couple of shots that I’m adding to my Instagram drafts for later in the week, so it feels a bit more productive than just a lunch date!

4pm - Home again and time to work on some content for Blog & Beyond for an hour before heading out to a gig. I draft out a couple of blog posts ready to go back to later in the week, and make a start on a post for my own blog too.


10am - Wednesday is my work from home day, and I’m usually up bright and early ready to go at my desk. Not today, though, as I let myself have a bit of a longer lie after a late night. This morning I’m working on some social promo and workshop content for the roadshow, before finalising two more blog posts after lunch.

5pm - I’ve realised that I’ve not got too much ticked off from my to do list today, oops. Time to squeeze in another hour at my desk and schedule some social media.

6pm - My concentration levels are through the floor today (ugh) so I decide to take another break to make my dinner. Low-key freaking out about how much work I have to do, so promise myself another hour with my laptop before bed.

7.30pm - I hate working after dinner because it always ruins my sleep, but sometimes it just has to be done. I usually work better in the mornings, but I’m still in a bit of a funk from the start of the year so I’m definitely playing catch up. I write a couple of posts for Blog & Beyond to schedule for the weekend, one is the Editor’s Letter and the next is an interview so they’re mostly copying and pasting as opposed to actually writing.


1pm - I work in house for a client on a Thursday so I don’t get much else done, but I use my lunch break to publish the post I wrote for my own blog yesterday (which I really should have published when I finished it). That’s about all I’ll have time to do today, but it’s better than nothing!

6pm - The Blog and Beyond Roadshow starts tomorrow so I have some last minute preparations to get sorted. It takes a tad longer than expected, which is not ideal, so I didn’t have time to finish scheduling social or writing the next newsletter.


8.30am - I’ve got half an hour before my first lecture of the day, but I didn’t bring my laptop. Oops. I schedule a few tweets from my phone and spend a bit of time engaging on Instagram in an attempt to feel productive.

4pm - After one hell of a day I finally have a minute to sit down whilst waiting for my flight to Birmingham. I fill in a few parts of this post (how meta) and work on the diary style feature I share on my blog every Sunday before doing a bit of work for the Roadshow.

6pm - My flight is delayed, great. My laptop is slowly dying and I can’t find a plug point anywhere, which isn’t ideal. I use the last portion of my battery to start drafting next weeks blog post and work on the Blog and Beyond newsletter for next week.


12pm - It’s roadshow day! We leave bright and early to head into Birmingham before spending the afternoon chatting all things blogging with some Brum bloggers. The session has actually given me a bit of inspiration, too, so I jot down a couple of blog post ideas for the Blog and Beyond site and make some notes about Instagram.

7pm - After a full on day of blogging fun I’m ready to zone out completely. I had planned on doing a bit of writing this evening, but I’m shattered after running the workshop today so I take an evening off instead.


8am - I’ve got a flight to catch again today so I’m up early doors and spend some time finishing off my latest Sunday Share post. It doesn’t take much tweaking, just a few photos to add before hitting publish. I don’t have enough time to schedule the social promotion for that just now, but I’ll deal with it when I’m home later.

12pm - Once again I’m at the airport and I’ve grabbed a seat to do a bit of writing. I’m putting the finishing touches on this post and adding a bit more content to tomorrow’s newsletter, as well as writing some more of my next blog post for my own site. The airport is pretty busy and there are some slightly hyper children beside me so it’s not the best writing environment, unfortunately. 

4pm - I’m finally home after a long weekend of travelling, so I’ve got a relatively chilled out evening planned. I still have to schedule those tweets I mentioned earlier, so I open Buffer and schedule the tweets for my own Twitter account for the week, leaving a space for a blog post I’ll hopefully publish on Wednesday.

6pm - I like to plan out my week on a Friday night, but I didn’t have time this week so I’m catching up now instead. I use a Passion Planner to break down each day’s tasks and set out some to-do lists for work, university and life, then I put my appointments and schedule into my Busy B Busy Life diary that I carry in my bag with me.

9pm - It’s time for bed, as I’m up early again for university tomorrow, so after a long hot bath I crawl into bed with February’s Blog and Beyond book club choice.

How do you fit your blog in alongside your life? If you want to share a look at your blogging diary then get in touch and let us know that you want to take part!