Book Club - InstaStyle

Each month, the Blog and Beyond community picks a new book related to blogging to get stuck into. The first book of 2019 was InstaStyle by Tessa Barton, a look at all things Instagram - here’s what we thought!

InstaStyle by Tessa Barton

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InstaStyle is a must-have guide for a booming industry, full of beautiful imagery and easily understood guides to help you achieve your Instagram goals. You'll learn how you can create an immediately recognizable grid aesthetic and showcase your life while remaining true to your personal brand.

Create, connect with others, and share the way you see the world! Whether your passion is fitness, fashion, food, or anything in between, you can turn that passion into a business, inspire others, and meet amazing people. Learn from Tezza (@tezza) and her friends how to tell compelling visual stories on the fastest-growing social media platform, with topics including photography tips, brand engagement strategies, and advice for finding management.

Charlotte said: “This is a really beautiful book to read which makes it quite an inspiring book aesthetically. It had a few really useful tips but I did find some to be a little bit basic. I loved that it covered a few different niches, with some great contributors on hand to offer their wisdom too. It wasn’t hugely revolutionary, but it’s a nice enough book!”


Katie said: “I really loved it. Not only is it a beautiful looking book, the advice inside is so helpful. I found it offered tips and advice which were practical and I hadn’t read elsewhere. I liked how it catered for different styles & niches of instagram too”


Sophie said: “I really enjoyed it! I’ve been in a total slump with Instagram recently and I found it really motivated me to work on my feed and my general engagement. I particularly liked the tips and tricks for certain niches because it gave me loads of new photo inspiration. I also found the photography tips themselves very handy, such as changing the settings on a DSLR.”


In February, we’re going to be reading An Edited Life by Anna Newton, aka The Anna Edit.

Declutter every aspect of your life - from your wardrobe, exercise schedule and food budget to your phone, bookshelves and beauty regime - with this realistic guide to getting neat and keeping things that way. 

Anna Newton is just trying to balance work, her friends, her family, her husband Mark, a growing handbag habit and a love for takeaway pizza. Over the past 8 years of running the blog and corresponding YouTube Channel 'The Anna Edit', she's grown a loyal viewership who tune in for her weekly videos on everything from house renovations to the best summer foundation.

Anna is a typical Virgo she loves being organised. She s Marie Kondo'd her house, nearly throwing away her TV remote in the process. She's waved goodbye to her things with Fumio Sasaki. She's minimized and bullet-journalled her schedules down to the finest detail. Along the way, she's realised something key: there’s no one prescription for an organized life, a tidy home and calm mind. Instead, it's all about editing.

If you want to take part, just submit your thoughts here by the 28th of February to be included in the next review! Everyone that joins in with the book club is entered for the chance to win a copy of the next month’s book, which will be announced at the start of the month.