Book Club - An Edited Life

Each month, the Blog and Beyond community picks a new book related to blogging to get stuck into. In February, we chose to read An Edited Life by Anna Newton of The Anna Edit. Here’s how we got on!

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An Edited Life: Declutter every aspect of your life - from your wardrobe, exercise schedule and food budget to your phone, bookshelves and beauty regime - with this realistic guide to getting neat and keeping things that way. 

Anna Newton is just trying to balance work, her friends, her family, her husband Mark, a growing handbag habit and a love for takeaway pizza. Over the past 8 years of running the blog and corresponding YouTube Channel 'The Anna Edit', she's grown a loyal viewership who tune in for her weekly videos on everything from house renovations to the best summer foundation.

Anna is a typical Virgo she loves being organised. She s Marie Kondo'd her house, nearly throwing away her TV remote in the process. She's waved goodbye to her things with Fumio Sasaki. She's minimized and bullet-journalled her schedules down to the finest detail. Along the way, she's realised something key: there’s no one prescription for an organized life, a tidy home and calm mind. Instead, it's all about editing.

Charlotte said: “I loved this! I like to think of myself as a relatively organised person, so a lot of it wasn’t new to me, but I still learned a lot. I really love Anna’s writing style, and the useful checklists included throughout to summarise the essential points. I’m going to keep this book to refer back to whenever I need to get my shit together, and I’m going to buy a copy for my perpetually disorganised bff, too.”


Holly said: “ really like the concept of this book, and it did have some helpful advice in it but I'm not sure I was the right target audience. I'm 25 and I feel like this book is aimed at people younger than me; maybe those who have just moved out of their parent's house for the first time.

I didn't particularly like the writing style and there's a lot of waffle in it. Honestly, I think the book could have been half the length it actually was. Also, I'm not sure if I had a dodgy copy but the quality of the book itself was really bad. It was stiff to open and the gold foil on the front has almost all rubbed off.”


Sophie said: “I really, really enjoyed it. Not everything applied to me as I'm a full-time student, but the little tips and tricks that did apply to me were very helpful. I've definitely started to take my finances into my own hands and turning my email notifications off has honestly changed the game for me!”


Stephanie said: “As someone who wants to have their sh*t together and continually loses all motivation to do so after approximately five minutes, I've read my share of "organise your life" books but this one has probably been my fave so far. It might possibly be because I am a massive Anna fangirl, so the recognisable tone that carries on from her blog was so familiar and readable that I managed to rattle through the whole book in one day.

If I'm honest, I didn't learn all that much from the book - I'm already a few steps into my capsule wardrobe journey and have a multi-page monthly budget all planned out in an excel spreadsheet (#adulting) - but the book serves as a nice reminder to keep doing what I was doing and a well-needed nudge towards making some other wee changes to make my life somewhat easier and less stressful! V. excited for Anna's event in Glasgow next week!”


Bekah said: “I enjoyed it! If I’m being honest, I’ve not read it from start to finish. However, I do think Anna did a great job of breaking things down into simple steps. It’s definitely a book that will sit on my coffee table and I’ll go back to it when I need some inspiration to declutter!”


In March, we’re going to be reading The Skills: From First Job to Dream Job by Mishal Husain

In The Skills, award-winning broadcaster Mishal Husain inspires, champions and encourages women to make their ambitions a reality by focusing on practical skills that make a difference.

Gathering together advice for women of all ages, whether they are new graduates, working mothers or simply seeking a career change, The Skills explains:

  • How to present yourself to maximum effect, in person and online

  • How to prepare for quick wins, big moments and plan for long-term goals

  • How to gain confidence and authority

  • How to navigate the ups and downs of a long working life and build resilience

Drawing on Mishal’s own experience, interviews with experts and with inspirational figures from Martha Lane Fox to Malala Yousafzai, The Skills will guide women in honing the abilities they need to thrive in whatever field they choose.

If you want to take part, just submit your thoughts here by the 31st of March to be included in the next review! Everyone that joins in with the book club is entered for the chance to win a copy of the next month’s book, which will be announced at the start of the month.