Blogging When Working Full-Time

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blogging with a full time job

I get home from a long day at work, park myself on the sofa, and my ever-growing to do list, well, my blogging to do list, creeps into my mind and a mini panic sets in. What pictures do I need to edit? What can I flatlay for my next picture? What post needs to be proofread before posting? When is the best time to publish this post? Well, you get the idea.

Yes ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world of blogging and working full time job at the same time!

I’ve been asked a few times how I manage to fit blogging around my current job (teaching assistant). To be honest, I have no idea! When I first started my blog in November 2016, I wasn’t working full time which meant I had more time on my hands. Fast forward to March 2018, I’m in a full time job and my blog has got bigger and hopefully better!

In regards to how I find the right balance between blogging and working in a full time employment, it’s important to have a structure and plan in place, that’s why I love these book things called planners and diaries so much. Most diaries and planners have to do list sections, which is useful cause you feel a small sense of achievement and smugness when you can grab your Biro and tick off that item on the list. Boom!

Also chatting to other bloggers who are in the same position as you is always a great idea, then you don’t feel so alone in this situation. Some bloggers I know are very fortunate to be able to call blogging their main wage earner, that is the ultimate dream.

Blogging does feel like a full time job in itself, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world. It’s something that I’ve grown to love and having my blog had my side-line outside of work genuinely keeps me sane! Like seriously.

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