Beating Burnout

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beating burnout

I think we all experience burnout at some point throughout our lives, and it can take many different shapes and forms. I’ve been creeping closer to burnout with each passing day recently, and I’ve got to the point where I need to take action before it turns into a full-blown breakdown. I've been there, done that, and it isn't pretty.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, I have a fair bit of work to get through before I can take a proper step back and give myself a week or two off, so I've had to magic some motivation from somewhere in order to get through it all. I'm seriously guilty of putting way too much pressure on myself (something I'll openly admit to, and is probably my biggest weakness), so I have a tendency to push myself a bit too far before I realise what I'm doing.

The upside to this obsession with pushing myself is that I've figured out a five-step process that helps me get through the moments where I'm so burnt out that I just don't feel like me anymore, and today I'm going to share my plan of attack for when burnout strikes and my motivation is nowhere to be seen…

My Five Step Plan for Beating Burnout

Step 1: Reevaluate 

I am a firm believer in the power of having goals - no matter what shape or form they may take. I have vague goals and specific goals. Some of my goals include "living a happy life" whereas others have very specific, measurable assets attached to them. Either way, they're important to me. 

My first step when I'm feeling a bit lost is to look at the goals I'm working towards and see if they're still relevant. Situations change, and we grow as people, so sometimes our goals have to change too. By sitting down and reassessing my priorities, I can figure out a rough plan of action for moving forward.

Step 2: Reset 

After I have my plan pencilled in, I take a bit of time to clear out the things that aren't really relevant anymore - both physical and mental. If social media is getting me down, I unfollow some people to make my feed a more inspiring place. If my space is stressing me out, I declutter and have a deep clean. You get the picture, right? It's like a big spring clean, for life.

Step 3: Recharge 

This is probably the most important step, and it involves taking a step back. Taking the time to look after myself puts me in a much better position to tackle whatever the rest of day holds, and even something as simple as making sure I get enough sleep or drink enough water can have a snowball effect on my productivity and well-being. 

There are so many different ways to recharge, and as much as I wish I could jet off on a sunny beach holiday or head to a spa every week, the little things still add up. Taking the time to switch off in the evening, indulging in a luxurious skincare routine or just taking a day to myself to curl up and read a book work wonders for me. Ultimately, what I'm angling at here, is that a bit of me time, however that may look for you, never goes amiss.

Step 4: Rekindle 

Taking the time to get reacquainted with things you love, that you've maybe let slip to the bottom of your list, can be a fantastic way to move forward. Be that making the time to catch up with an old friend over coffee and cake instead of communicating exclusively via GIFs, or even spending an evening re-reading your favourite book, rekindling relationships with things you're passionate about can be massively therapeutic.

Go binge watch Gossip Girl for the fifth time, or get lost in the world of Harry Potter all over again. I'm not judging you! Find the thing you love and make it a priority in your life again. For me, it tends to be The Sims...

Step 5: Refresh 

Sometimes, a little change can make the world of difference. I have a tendency to change my hair when I'm getting close to burnout, or I'll have to fight an overwhelming urge to revamp my wardrobe. Buying a new notebook can be the necessary refresh I need, but sometimes if I’m feeling a bit despondent towards my blog I have to switch things up a chunk. Case and point being my decision to move my personal blog, Colours and Carousels, over to Wordpress and give it a sprucing up over the weekend!

What do you do to tackle burnout?