7 Reasons to Start a Blog

Hello! I'm Charlotte, and I'm the founder of Blog and Beyond. I'm a slightly sarcastic 22-year-old grandma from Glasgow who loves The Sims, Hugh Laurie and programmes about airports. I've been blogging at Colours and Carousels for nearly eight years and work freelance in digital marketing.
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reasons to start a blog

Level Up

Starting a blog is a kick ass way to build on your existing skills as well as learning some new ones too. I started my blog as a way to help me improve my writing, which I think it definitely has, but it's also taught me a whole lot more about photography, time management, networking and even a little bit of HTML on the side too. I've taught myself how SEO works, new ways to use Photoshop, video editing and presentation.

Confidence Booster

These new skills, as well as the encouragement and sense of achievement I get from growing my blog. have worked wonders when it comes to boosting my confidence. Even my friends have commented on how I've become a whole lot more self assured in the past few years and it's mostly down to my blog. Having people appreciate the work I put out there makes me feel like I'm doing something of value which in turn helps me get over those niggling feelings of self doubt.

Making Friends

Another confidence-booster from my blog comes in the form of the amazing people I've met through typing away on the internet for nearly six years. Having a blog has introduced me to some of my closest friends, and has helped me discover an amazing community of supportive and like-minded people. If I didn't blog, I wouldn't have made all of these friends, and that would suck.

Having an outlet

I like to think of myself as a reasonably creative person, which is why it's important to me to have a creative outlet like a blog. Having somewhere to get all of my thoughts and feelings out helps to de-clutter my mind, whilst also letting me express myself through photos and words. I'm always telling my friends and family places they need to visit or products they need to try, so this blog is the perfect place to do that! I get to share the things I'm passionate about and that's something I value having in my life.

Discovering New Brands

Okay, so, obviously the whole aspect of press samples, gifted products and experiences is going to appeal to the majority of people for quite clear reasons. I feel so lucky whenever I'm approached by brands and I still pinch myself when lovely little packages arrive at my door. One of my favourite things about blogging is discovering new brands on a daily basis, be it through my inbox or through reading other blogs. I'm a brand whore, I love trying new things and am a shopaholic to say the least, so finding all of these new and exciting products that I can try out for myself or restaurants to visit, places to see fills me with so much inspiration and general excitement.

Something for your CV

Maybe not quite as exciting, but very important, is the fact that having a blog can look pretty damn awesome on a CV. You're essentially running your own little business - marketing, producing, networking, selling yourself - and those skills I mentioned earlier very often come in handy in the offline world too. Not only that but having the motivation to keep up your own site shows off your determination and dedication to expanding your skill set too. Bloggers work hard, and it can be a real talking point in interviews too!

Making memories

Finally, and this point maybe applies more to lifestyle blogs, but it's a great way to document your journey. I started this blog when I was just fifteen and boy have I grown since then! Having my blog alongside me on my slightly erratic path has given me a place to look back on how far I've come since high school and it serves as a constant reminder that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

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7 Reasons to Start a Blog