6 Plugins for Your Wordpress Site

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I’ve written a post previously about the plugins that I recommend for Wordpress but there are some new ones that I would like to add to my ever-growing list. One of the main benefits of using Wordpress are the plugins which make life so much easier and remove the need for any coding which you may have ended up doing if you use Blogger.

IThemes Security Plugin

My blog was hacked recently and it made me realise that the security on my site was seriously lacking. I hired someone to clean up the backend of my site and as part of her service, she installed the iThemes Security Plugin for me. This plugin not only prevents brute force logins to my blog but I can also create a unique login URL for my blog too. The standard login URL is yourblogurl/wp-admin which means anyone can try and login to any site if it’s a WordPress site. My site is now much more secure and it’s a plugin I recommend you download and use.

Broken Link Checker

A broken link checker is an indispensable service for a blogger. I have a full guide on how to remove broken links on your site but this plugin is the best I’ve found. It checks for broken links but also gives you the option to unlink broken links - handy for ones found in comments - and change links that are within posts too. This was handy for me as I had some internally linked posts which had changed when I moved from Blogger to Wordpress and were showing as broken even though the post still existed. Removing broken links is great for improving your DA but also beneficial for your readers as it makes sure anything they may click on is working.

Public Post Preview

Every so often I feel the need to have someone read a post before it goes live but I’m not always comfortable with sharing my login details. This plugin means that I can share a link to a post that still a draft and it can be proofread. The post can be viewed as though it was live and any issues can be seen by a third party.

Quick Featured Images

I like to be able to see the featured image that’s going with the post and this plugin means that I can view all the images as I scroll through my list of posts. It means that if I have quite a few unfinished posts in my drafts that I can make sure I’m not using the same featured image twice. It also gives you the ability to change the featured image without going into the post - handy if you need to change a few.

Ultimate NoFollow

One of the things I miss from Blogger is the fact that I change links to follow or no-follow when I add the link to a post. This plugin adds a cog symbol to the section where you add a link and it gives you the option to add the no-follow tag to your link. There are lots of posts about the difference between the two types of link and Holly’s post is still the one I use when I need to figure out the difference.

Easy Updates Manager

I woke in a job where I’m not able to be online regularly and one of the issues with this is I’m not able to keep my plugins up to date manually. This plugin updates your plugins for you which means everything is constantly up to date and secure. You can also use the plugin to update your theme too. I like this part of the plugin as if your theme isn’t up to date it may not display properly and you don’t want to have readers clicking away from your blog because they can’t read a post.

That’s my comprehensive guide to the plugins that you need for your Wordpress site but there are many more out there that may work for you. Don’t be afraid to search for what you need and try different plugins to find the ones that work for you.

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