5 Things to Include on Your Homepage

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what to include blog homepage

Your homepage is the heart of your blog. It's where most people will see what you offer for the very first time, and it's the place where you can really show off what you stand for. There's no one recipe for a perfect homepage - a lot of it comes down to your own tastes - but here are some of the key ingredients you should be including in your blog's home page.

Introduce Yourself

People like to connect with other people. Tell new visitors a bit about who you are with a short bio and a picture of yourself, which you can then link out to your about page to give them the full lowdown. Not sorted out your about page yet? Read our post on writing the perfect about page to get started.

Clear Navigation

Don't make it difficult for your readers to get around! Try to include a clear navigation that links to things like your about page and any distinct categories you have. This will encourage people to have a click around and see what you have in store. It's particularly important if you have a lot of content, which can otherwise be overwhelming. 

A way to get in touch

Not everyone who is coming to your blog will be a reader - some might be scoping you out for collaborations or work opportunities. If this is something you're wanting to get involved with, you should really be making it as easy as possible for businesses to get in touch about potential collaborations. An email address in your bio is a great place to start, but consider adding a "work with me" page and linking to that from your navigation to point people in the right direction.

The other places you hang out

When I find a new blog that I love, the first thing I do is check out the blogger's social media, too. Chances are if I like their blog, I'll like them on Twitter or Instagram too. With that in mind, it's so frustrating when I head to someone's blog, totally fall in love with their content, and then I can't find any links to their social media profiles. I'm lazy and I'm pretty forgetful, so I like to follow the bloggers I enjoy on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest content. Make it easy for people to find and follow you to stay up to date with what you're up to!

Where to begin with your blog

Another great tip for bloggers with lots of content is to have a prompt for new visitors to get started. This might lead them through to some crucial pages, like your about page, or a landing page with a selection of your favourite posts. You can use this to really push your best work and show off what you're all about. It's a great chance to cement your brand values, too.

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Things to include on your blog homepage