5 Steps for a Great Blog Post

Hello! I’m Lisa and I run a little lifestyle blog called Lisa Kristin x. It’s a diary-style website where I chat about everything from beauty to events and mental health. Outside of that, I run my own copywriting and translation business, spend a lot of my free time in book shops, and will stop in my tracks for every dog I spot on the street.
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steps for good blog posts

The art of writing blog posts. Whilst there is no actual 5-step-programme for it – after all, it is a rather personal approach –, here are five things that I have learned over the years of having my own blog.

Step 1: Take (comprehensive) notes

Most ideas come to me in the most inconvenient of moments: In the shower, whilst cooking dinner, on the train, or in the middle of the night after I’ve had to get up for a wee. My brain will churn out an entire synopsis for something, and if I don’t write it down there and then, it will be gone in a moment. I’ve learned to take notes immediately when an idea strikes, whether that’s on my phone, in a notepad, or as a draft post. Extra tip: Make them comprehensive. Even though in that moment, you know exactly what ‘dance happy extra’ means, chances are you won’t when you get to sit down to write.

Step 2: Let the words flow

Once I’ve gone through my notes and they (hopefully) make sense, it gets to the stage where I need to make something from them. At the beginning of my blogging journey, I always wanted to write a post in order: Introduction, paragraphs, ending. However, over time I found that this doesn’t work for me at all. For the creative process, I reckon it’s much easier to just let the words flow. Sometimes I leave a paragraph for a while, write one isolated sentence and work it in later, and generally don’t pay too much attention to grammar, spelling or structure.

Step 3: Put them in order

When I’m happy with what I’ve written, it’s time to put some sort of order into it. This is where I figure out an introduction, decide where to put that one sentence I wasn’t sure about, and create a summarising ending to round it all up. This is also where I decide where to put any photos and how many. Which leads nicely to…

Step 4: The photos

Sometimes a post might need specific photos, e.g. for a beauty or event post, sometimes more generic ones will suffice. It is completely up to you whether you want to let the photos inspire your words, or your words inspire the photos. Sometimes it even works both ways. You might find that inserting the photos first works better, rather than typing the post out first – this is all part of the creative process and is entirely up to you! Personally, I find it easier to insert photos later and match them to my words.

Step 5: Proofread & Publish

Proofreading is super important. I often leave the post for a day or two and then come back to proofread it. Stepping away helps to come back with a clear and open mind, rather than not seeing the most obvious of mistakes because I’ve been staring at the words for so long. Reading it in preview mode is really useful, too, as it allows me to see the post as a whole, which makes it easier to spot formatting errors. Last but not least, I either hit ‘publish’ there and then, or schedule it!

As much as the above has helped me, it is important not to stick to too many rules as this will, in my experience, ultimately suppress your creativity. The best thing you can do is practise and find out how you work best by trial and error. Don’t forget that blogging should always be fun, never something you’re forcing yourself to do!

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5 steps for a great blog post