The Weekend Update #1

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Where to start with consuming online content this week?

The online world is a treasure trove of content for us all to dip in and out of as we please, but we’ve put together a list of five posts you most definitely need to acquaint yourself with this week, with some posts to make you think and a couple to help you in the industry with tips and who to follow. Happy reading!


Why I Talk About My Mental Health At Work | Last Year’s Girl

Mental health is a huge aspect of many of our lives and Lisa-Marie eloquently discusses the importance of bringing your mental health up with your employer, how it can be facilitated and her personal experiences.

Self Reflection: Recognising How Far You’ve Come | Abi Richards

Abi hits the nail on the head with how important it is to appreciate how far you come and why self-reflection is healthy, normal and important in order to move forwards. Take a second to reflect on what you have achieved and how incredible that is.

Let’s just remember that success isn’t a race and none of us really have our shit together | Sophie Rosie

Sophie is an incredible writer thanks to her honest and reflective voice. Blogging is a hobby/career which requires consistently being asked on how successful you are in terms of numbers/engagement/collaborations but as Sophie points out, success is not a race in this fabulous post.  


How To Manage Instagram: As A Viewer & Creator | The Anna Edit 

Instagram continues to be the bane of many of our lives with the algorithm, the politics and the constant need for engaging content. Anna provides some tips on how to manage Instagram as both a viewer and a creator – packed with useful information for getting the most out of the app.

Here Are 20 Black Female Influencers That You Need To Follow On Instagram | I Want You To Know

As it’s Black History Month, Kristabel has shared 20 black female powerhouses you need to follow on Instagram. From insane styling and hilarious captions to incredible interior design and beauty tips, all of these women are doing something incredible and are people you need to be following.