4 Tasks to Keep on Top of Your Blog Each Month

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Sometimes it might feel like your blog comes with a healthy dose of admin to keep on top of, and you’d be right. Blogging is about more than just writing the posts and taking the photos - there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Here are just four of the tasks to keep on top of each month in order to keep your blog ticking on…

Fix Your Links

Broken links are a pain the ass to keep on top of, but if you make an effort to fix them on a regular basis then it is a whole lot easier than having to deal with hundreds at once. Broken links happen when the original page you’ve linked to is no longer available, such as when an item goes out of stock or a blogger changes their URL. Broken links aren’t great for your search engine optimisation, or your domain authority - so it’s good practice to fix them when you can. Use a site like Broken Link Checker to see which links on your site are currently broken and update them with the correct address or remove them altogether.

Keep on top of Comments

I’m guilty of being pretty bad at remembering to reply to my comments, as I tend to check them every day and say I’ll reply to them “later”. Unless someone asks a pressing question, I tell myself that I’ll reply to them when I have more time… and just never get round to it. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to get out of, so at the end of each month, I try to set aside some time to reply to comments and thank people for taking the time to read what I have to say. 

Crunch some numbers

I keep a spreadsheet of all of the relevant information from my analytics which I update every month. In this spreadsheet, I keep a note of my page views, unique users, traffic sources and social media followings so that I can clearly see any changes and figure out if my blog is growing at the pace I’d like it to. This also helps me see if I need to switch things up a bit if things are stagnating, particularly on social media platforms. I’ve been keeping track of this data for years now so I can quickly spot any recurring trends, like the fact that my page views nearly always drop over summer, and that September to March tend to be my best months for growth.

Plan for the future

Planning ahead makes life easier - especially as a blogger. I try to have my content roughly mapped out for the next month or two so that my upcoming content is at the front of my mind. I know what photos I’ll need to take, what I’ll need to write and when. By keeping an eye on my calendar and taking the time to sit down and plan out my content each month, I’m able to keep on top of any big events that are coming up and plan accordingly.

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