4 Lessons Learned from Blogging

Hi, my name is Victoria and I'm a lifestyle blogger based in Devon (UK) I blog about a mixture of things, one minute I'm writing about makeup the next I'll be posting about gardening or my new favourite homeware pieces I've bought.
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I've been blogging on and off for a number of years, I returned to blogging in July last year  and in this post I will be sharing with you a few tips I've picked up that fellow bloggers might find useful.

It's not always good to separate everything out, I used to separate out my art self and my blog self which is great in theory – everything art goes, well, there and everything else lifestyle – over there! But it made me feel I was splitting myself off in all different directions and I'm glad I've gone self-hosted with Wordpress and put everything in one place now, not that I've been making a lot of art recently but I have done a couple of creative diy posts that I've put on there, whereas before I would have put them on my art blog. Everyone is going to have different ideas and thoughts on this but for me I'm finding it's working better having the one blog to focus on. You need to do whatever works best for you though.

Photo editing doesn't need to cost the earth, it's brilliant if you can afford an Apple MacBook and a subscription to Photoshop but if you're just starting out and want something a little more affordable then Corel Paint Shop Pro is an amazing alternative, it's not the cheapest thing ever but it's not a subscription either, there are plenty of free options out there too but this is one I've been using since my teens, I've used it to create my art and I also now use it to edit photos and create thumbnails for my blog and YouTube channel.

Something I always like to check before using a new font or even software is "is this ok to use commercially?" while I'm not making money from my blog right now I'd like to in the future so I want everything set up from the get go so I don't need to go back and retrospectively check all the fonts, software or whatever else later. DaFont has been a go to place for me when I'm looking to get a new font for a long time now, I always tick the 100% free option but if I don't find “this is ok commercially” written either in the write up or a text file that comes with the font then I'll still steer clear of it – better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.

There are so many amazing fonts out there to choose from though, sometimes I think a font, if someone uses it regularly, can become part of their blog identity in a way when sharing links to posts on social media, though in saying that I'm always switching around with what fonts I use now since I downloaded a few new ones recently. Something else I check when I use other themes “is this ok to use commercially?” too... because if you run a business from your blog, you guessed it! That can be an important consideration too.

If you were to ask a blogger one thing they hate about winter, chances are they'd say the lighting and lack of it in the winter evenings, not that it is such a problem now that we're going into spring but if you're anything like me and you decide you want to blog just as it's starting to get dark then you're going to need a back up plan. I've found when taking photos of products, using my lamp with a shade that you can slant at an angle so the light hits the items you're trying to photo giving them optimum brightness (obviously don't do this if you're trying to photograph people or animals – only things!) it gives it a much more natural look and really helps.