4 Blogging Resources to Invest In

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Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks, we all know that. Well those in the blogosphere know that but from an outside perspective it looks pretty damn easy. Well it isn’t & we all need a bit of help now & again. I have been blogging for quite a few years now & this past year I’ve really given myself a kick up the butt to make ByBusby progress but I couldn’t do it all alone. 

This is where blog resources come in. They can be as simple as how to posts you find on Pinterest to hiring someone to access your blog & make tweaks. I think as a blogger we all use resources from time to time but do we really invest in them? 

When I say investing I mean actively searching for help on the things you aren’t confident on. The process that well you do need help for. Not all of these resources require payment but sometimes they do & I have used a bunch of different resources in the past year. 

So what resources have I used? 


First stop has to be the basics like other bloggers & help pages. They are usually easy to find & it’s nice reading a how-to written by someone that gets it. A step by step to help me create a hidden Pinterest graphic or make a no-follow link on Wordpress has made a huge difference & was so simple to find. Signing up for their newsletters or Facebook groups can also keep you up to date with tips & ask the questions you need answers to. 

Paying for behind the scenes help

This is a big one for me because I opted to pay pipdig to move me from blogger to Wordpress & it was amazing. I popped over my login details to a few sites (only use trusted people/sites) & within a day or two my site was completed. I didn’t have to stress about breaking my site or sorting out HTML codes, I left in the hands of the professionals. It may not be an option for everyone but in my case, I wouldn’t have been able to make a smooth transition without the help of pipdig. 

Blog courses

There are parts of blogging that when you start out you don’t even think about & well those are sometimes the things you need to develop skills in. In my case, it’s learning how to monetise my blog & use affiliate links. I’ve researched a few different courses that are run by bloggers & joined networks dedicated to teaching bloggers these things. Sometimes we need help & well I definitely need help taking the next steps to monetising my blog. Just remember that not all courses cost £££ so do research & find the one that works for you. Right now I’ve found one for £50 & one free network. 

Hiring a Photographer

The final resource I have utilised which is definitely my favourite is hiring a photographer. It was the best experience & I got some amazing photos out of it! I hired Kaye of Fordtography to take three sets of outfit photos for my blog, it took just an hour to get all the photos & I had a folder full of edited photos the next day. It’s nice being directed by someone who knows what they’re doing & creating great content while you’re at it. I’ve also hired Kaye previously to take a photography lessons & she gave me a tailored lesson based on my camera & my current skills. It was the help I needed & it has improved my blog photography tenfold. Hiring a photographer isn’t cheap so I can see why not every blogger uses this option but if you do get the chance it’s an amazing experience. 

Those are just a few of the gazillion resources out there for us bloggers & I don’t see any reason not to utilise them. With a little research, we have all the help we need at our fingertips so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 

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Blogging Resources to Invest In