3 Benefits of Using Self-Hosted Wordpress

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benefits of wordpress

There are various arguments for why you should use Wordpress (self hosted) for your blog. I’m not going to lie, when I first started blogging I was using Blogger but I felt limited by what I could do with the platform and although I can code (to an extent) I didn’t want to have to code to make minor changes to my blog. While there is a cost involved with being self hosted on Wordpress, I feel it’s worth it for the benefits that Wordpress brings. I’ve written before about why I recommend switching to Wordpress but I felt that I had more to add on the subject.

SEO Benefits

Wordpress makes implementing SEO strategies much easier. Although it’s doable on other platforms using external websites, using a plugin you can optimise your posts for SEO directly within the post editor. You can also add plugins to check for broken links and keep your site up to date. All these things mean that you can increase your DA as well as making your blog more accessible to your readers.


There are many designers making themes for Blogger and for Wordpress and they’re great but I feel there are more customisation options for your site on Wordpress. For example, there are lots of bloggers using the same theme from the same designer but because of all the options, they’ve all been able to make the design look different from the others out there. Also, when it comes to making minor changes there isn’t much need to use code to do so. I found with a lot of Blogger themes that I couldn’t change whether the functions were there in mobile view so I had to spend my time altering code which I don’t need to do now my blog is on Wordpress.


I’ve already posted about the plugins I recommend for Wordpress and for me, they are invaluable for me when I blog. They add extra options to the backend of my site which makes life so much easier for me. Plugins can be used to do various things from adding extra font options to your site to adding an editorial calendar to your site so you can keep track of which posts you’re working on and if they have a deadline.

Overall, now that I’ve been using Wordpress for quite some time I refuse to use anything else for my blog as it would feel too basic. However, I do understand that it’s not for everyone and that as there is a cost this makes it harder for some.