10 Tasks to Boost Your Blog in 10 Minutes or Less

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quick ways to boost your blog

If you're anything like me, you'll find it hard to switch off from your blog. I feel like there's always something I can be doing, so recently I've been channelling that into short tasks which all boost my blog in some way, while helping me to step away from my devices. 

1. Schedule promotion 

There are apps and sites to help you schedule your posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so make use of them and get your content lined up for the next day or two. 

2. Reply to comments

Readers love being recognised, so taking ten minutes to go through your mentions is always worthwhile. 

3. Make sure your posts and pictures are labelled properly 

I use Blogger, so I add descriptive alt tags on images then use the toolbar on the right to update my location and search description, and pop in some relevant labels. 

4. Check for broken links

Granted, if you have a lot, this may take a few 10 minute chunks, but to giving your site a Spring clean is good for the old SEO. 

5. Organise your pins 

Are your boards clearly labelled? Is every pin in the right section? If they are, take some time to save new images or... 

6. ... make Pins 

Vertical pictures work best, so show off your photographs by adding a title and your URL then pinning away. I have lots of old posts from before I joined Pinterest that I plan to do this for. Check out our guide to getting started with Pinterest for more great tips on making the most of the platform.

7. Make Instagram covers

While you're getting creative with your graphics, consider making some for your highlights on Instagram to show off your style and make them clearer for your audience. Need a helping hand? Have a read of our post about making and using Instagram story graphics!

8. Sign up for some affiliate programmes

Holla for that dollar, honey boo boo child. Start earning some more money for your blog with affiliate links. If you’re not sure where to start, pay a visit to our introduction to affiliate links.

9. Inspect your analytics

What are your readers loving? When are they engaging? Your analytics has the answers. Go all detective with our helpful guides to using your analytics and do some digging.

10. Read some posts! 

While I'm boosting my own blog, it's worth remembering how helpful others' are. A simple Google search will find guides on photography and props, html and coding, or ideas to inspire your next piece of writing. Of course, Blog and Beyond is jam packed with posts to help you be your best, too!